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I observed two of them sliding off the top of a bus stop trying to hang on, anxious to get to the sidewalk where a lot of people, including myself, are already walking.

I said to myself, "All of a sudden, they're over here?" They're usually not at that particular location looking for food.

Then I looked down...

I saw a massive puddle of vomit there which I almost stepped into.

When I walked by it and then looked back, I noticed everyone was walking out of their way of the throw up.

Finally, when the coast was clear, the two seagulls dived in head first for the chowder!

And thus, my respect level for seagulls just plummeted...
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Oh, for the good old days. Day drinking.
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Thanks for this post from:
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I thought pigeons were the rats of the bird world?
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Quote: TigerWu

I thought pigeons were the rats of the bird world?

Hehe... Does that mean seagulls are the opossums of the bird world?
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