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Anyone here happen to get married in Vegas or been to a Vegas wedding? If so, any thoughts on the venue or the best way to do it? If not, have any ideas anyway?

I proposed to my fiance in Vegas back in August (we stayed at PH, and they were wonderful. Even got us and our friends a comped pool cabana to celebrate). We're looking at doing a Vegas wedding now. I've got 5 comped nights at Paris in December, and we're using it for a scouting trip. :)

We've chose Vegas because we want to do something relatively inexpensive (we'll spend money, but it's still cheaper to do a wedding package than something local), that everyone can have fun together as a group at, and will be extremely memorable.

I've been looking at Flamingo, PH, Paris, CP so far. They all seem reasonably priced and nice. We especially like the Flamingo garden weddings, but aren't tied to an outdoor spot.

Anyone have any thoughts on location or anything else? I haven't been anywhere off-strip (went downtown last trip, but wasn't a huge fan). Is there any place else we should be considering nearby? It would be especially helpful to hear from some locals (Wiz, JB, anyone else), as most of the threads I've found on sites like TA only have out of towner views in them.

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My wife and I married at the Little' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>]Little Church of the West in 1994. If I'm not mistaken, it is the oldest structure on the Strip, and has hosted lots of celebrity weddings. The guy who married us I later noticed did the wedding at the end of Honeymoon in Vegas.

I'm sure you know the pros and cons of a Vegas wedding. It is a great way to get the whole thing over with easily and inexpensively. However, as the years roll on, you lose out on the memories of a big grand wedding. Short term gain, long term loss. We've toyed with the idea of doing a more formal renewing of vows, but just never got around to it. If we do, I'm going to ask DJTeddyBear to do the honors.

The only place I can compare the Little Church of the West is the wedding chapel at the Imperial Palace, where I attended another wedding. Of the two, I'd go with the Little Church. It was just had more atmosphere and makes for a good pictures. The IP wedding chapel was basically a room with chairs and minimal decorations.

If you are going for the kitschy Vegas wedding, I'd go with an independent chapel. Somehow, marrying in a casino doesn't seem romantic to me.
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We got married last year at the Stratosphere. The chapel is right up in the top and then pictures were taken out on the overlook. We thought it was a very nice chapel and wedding. Only thing is that the hotel is one of the older ones and while clean and nice, it is not as new and luxurious as many of the others. I think you will be happy with almost any nice hotel's chapel, I would just bear in mind how busy they are. It seems that there is a lot of attention paid to the clock. ( you only have so much time because the next group is getting ready.) We had a small reception at one of the strip hotel's restaurants and then went out on the town for the evening and had a blast. My wife kept her veil pinned in for the night and we got lots of attention. We were the cliche for the evening!
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There are weddings on the balcony of Mystic Falls Park in Sam's Town about once a week I'd say.

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My first wedding was in Vegas in 1997. We brought out both of our parents and a few friends. I believe (ha!) that it was the Graceland Wedding chapel. While Elvis did not perform the wedding ceremony, He was in the building. He was actually very very good and his services was just about as expensive as the wedding.
The cool thing is that it was very very easy to get the marriage license at the county hall with absolutely no waiting.

We dined in the Stratosphere (which was quite good for my immature taste buds at the time) and stayed at the Monte Carlo. I don't set foot in that hotel anymore... bad luck... we were divorced a few years later. I remember winning about $500 on the trip though, mostly at NYNY on the final day playing Blackjack.

Vegas weddings can be fun, and I wouldn't make a correlation between the length of the marriage and the fact that you were married in Vegas (unless it was a result of a rash decision made that night!!!) It really doesn't matter whether you have tons of people there or whether it's done on short notice. It depends on the relationship with your mate.
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Quote: Wizard

We've toyed with the idea of doing a more formal renewing of vows, but just never got around to it. If we do, I'm going to ask DJTeddyBear to do the honors.

Thanks. I appreciate that.

FYI: In addition to being a DJ, I'm an Ordained Clergy Person. I can officiate weddings. For the record, it is probably NOT the mere fact that the Wiz knows that which leads to him saying he'd ask me. It is more likely because I spoke passionately about being a wedding officiant at the Wiz Lunch, describing some of the things I do to make a wedding fun and entertaining, while maintaining the dignity that the day deserves. For more info:

Vegas weddings was something of a topic at the Wedding Merchants Business Accademy convention I attended in Vegas three weeks ago as well as last year.

Many Vegas hotels have wedding chapels. No big deal. Many hotels all over the country have chapels too. The Vegas hotels may, or may not, put a Vegas spin on it.

However, Vegas is know for having independent chapels almost on every street corner.

The convention included a bus tour of three chapels. I took the tour last year. This year, a friend invited me to dinner that night. Here's my memories from last year:

On the way to the first stop we passed several chapels on the Strip that looked like run-down converted houses. The electricity was on, so I guess they were still in business, but they looked like they should be condemned!

The first two stops were also on the strip, but in far better condition.

The first stop was Chapel Of The Flowers. It was very nice, with several chapels of varying sizes. Only one chapel stands out in my memory. It is outdoors, in a garden setting, loaded with flowers. It's only upon closer look that you realize that all of the flowers are glass. The sad part is there are no photos or mention of this on their website that I could find.

The second Stop was Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. They also have several chapel rooms and do a variety of themed weddings, most notably, the Elvis wedding. (To be fair, I'm sure you can get an Elvis wedding almost anywhere.) When we were there, they took two random people from our group to do a demonstration wedding. The rest of us didn't even know it, until, after a partial tour, we all were seated in the big chapel and the back wall opens to allow a pink convertable to enter, driven by Elvis, with the bride & groom in back. Then Elvis officiated. It was a lot of fun, and I could see it being a good coice for an Elvis fan.

The third stop was downtown, near Freemont. I don't remember the name of it. (What does that tell you?) It was the most recently built location, but lacked any charm. It had a couple chapels of varying sizes and was also the only one of the three that had a drive-up window. The most memorable things about it were not what I saw, but what we were told: The City Hall marriage license window is open 24/7. This chapel is also open 24/7 and are the only chapel that can be seen from City Hall - making them the obvious choice for instant weddings at any hour. They are the only chapel in town with an elevator. Despite what is portrayed on TV, City Hall will not issue a license, nor will this chapel perform the ceremony, if you are obviously drunk.

FYI: For those that have never been married, you get your license at City Hall, but use it to get married elsewhere - although in some cities, you can also see a judge and get married there as well. Also, in most cities/states there is a waiting period of a few days. In Vegas (Nevada?) there is no waiting period.

Unless I'm mistaken, all three had video systems to record the ceremony. At least one used hidden cameras. At least one advertises that they can do a live webcast of the wedding.

I'm gonna go thru my convention stuff tonight because I think I have some literature on these places.

Hope that helps.
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I actually got married at the Little Chapel of the Flowers that DJ mentioned back in 2007.

Our wedding cost were included as part of a vacation package from a travel agent. I cannot reccommend the Little Chapel of the Flowers highly enough. The wedding coordinator at the chapel was amazing, and helped us set up our wedding for the most part via email. The wedding official asks what service you want, religious or otherwise, and asks questions to personalise your ceremony, working in details such as where you met.

From being picked up at the hotel by the chapel limo, to being deposited back at the hotel we felt looked after by the chapel staff for the whole day, even though there was just the two of us, they made as much effort for us as for any of the bigger parties. I would tell anyone considering a Vegas wedding to at least go for a look around and a chat with someone there.

On the down side it is way up by the Stratosphere, so huge parties may have transportation issues.
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I have been to 'A little white wedding chapel' several times. 3 generations of my family have either been married there or, in the case of my mom and dad, renewed their vows there. It has always been fun. Each time we have stayed at different hotels and got extra comps or room upgrades once they knew of the wedding even though they weren't providing the service. I think the memories from Vegas are probably as memorable as most traditional weddings I have attended. I know when the topic of weddings comes up the experiences from vegas seem to get more attention than the traditional memories. After all how many people get to take a gondola ride in their wedding dress as my son and his wife did.

Mom wife and I were married by a JP at city hall (not in Vegas) and plan on renewing our vows in Vegas on our 50th as my mom and dad did. Another 8 years if you are wondering.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

The most memorable things about it were not what I saw, but what we were told: The City Hall marriage license window is open 24/7. This chapel is also open 24/7 and are the only chapel that can be seen from City Hall - making them the obvious choice for instant weddings at any hour.

Note that the Marriage Bureau on Clark used to be open 24/7, but now is only open from 8am to midnight (everyday). There wasn't enough demand to justify the graveyard shift.
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Quote: kenarman

... After all how many people get to take a gondola ride in their wedding dress as my son and his wife did.

With a set up line like that, I won't even bother... ;-)

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