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I've deep fried a year, and put the pounds and cholesterol on, and have been saving the oil. So I have a few gallons. I'm curious how much oil is thrown in the garbage nationwide and how to use it. How are people making money from this and how is the oil used?

For fuel, it seems confusing. One place they say it needs treated with methane, then others run in straight into the tank. Other places I see use the oil in manufacturing of products instead of as a fuel.

Im not sure I want a refinery literally in my backyard, but it would be cool driving for free, maybe even making a few bucks somehow. Sure the whole neighborhood might burn down, but gas might be $2.

Here is a video about Chinese recycling oil. They dont even think it's worth a lower price and sell "garbage oil" as cooking oil. Is there really any hope if the Chinese cant make money doing it right? Im not going to think about processing and finding oil if it can't be done without losing money.

Yet, there used to be reality shows and news stories about "cooking oil" wars, where companies contract oil from restaurants and how strict the competition was. News stories used to be about this oil being stolen during the night, how it was worth thousands.

One of my favorite American Greed episodes, this guy sold fuel credits for recycling oil, but never did. He just used a spreadsheet and sold his credits he made of thin air, and raked in millions. RIN SCAM STORY
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