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i just consider about this.

by joining me, it is like this:
i will write all. the another party would check my mistakes in analyses in excel and edit my english and my way of writing. it is on-time checking. not just check all after all are finished. so the time of another party is needed.

what is the book about?
the analyses in baccrata and roulett and so on. if i have blackjack data, also blackjack.

more in details:
1) i can test betting ways,data of baccarat in wizard of odds: a: like what i said in other posts, betting B after B is 3 more. when losing twice, go to another table. by this way, what is the result of different 1000 shoes. 5 times. by the way, the result is ok. b: betting B once after 3p. c: how to find streaks: in fact: any length of streak appear most when to follow right-before ended long streak, i explained this kind of principle in my another thread...
2) also all betting systems by above ways. each system has an advantage, i just show them all the tested results.
3) the dragon 7: i test 1000 shoes of 8 decks and 1000 shoes of 6 decks, and 58 hands and 70 hands, Eliot's way and Stephen's way, and my own way of own count last 3 hands by +3+4....+31...+40.... also, just bet once and twice after seeing a dragon. the maxi loss and maxi win when also or when together... a lot of dada. also frequencies of dragon and when places and how many dragons at most in a shoe... just a lot of data.
4) in roulette, i tested too many ways: like count red in last 20,30.. 300 pins, if red is much much more or much much less, bet red, or we cut 10, or 15 or 50 spins as round, to check different ways, not only red, the columns, 6 number, 3 numbers, 2 numbers, 1 number... a lot of data.
by the way, for the data, i only run excel=randbetween(0,36), some tests by thousands, some by millions.
5) for blackjack, i don't have good data, i tried to write data from excel. like the rand 1-13, i put 11,12,13...not in decent enough. but if i have data, i should do some tests.

what can reader get from the book?
to understand the random better, then to lose less. like martingale is really bad. like chasing a missing number in roulette is really bad. also, chasing streaks is also bad...

by this thread, i want to know:
1) if anyone will join me, by myself,i can never finish it.
2) if this kind of book is ready in market?
3) if this can be a book? and if selling will be a big problem?

why have i done so many tests?
for winning money and learning things, though the most i tested, the more times i lose from gambling, it is a strange world. like the other things, for recent 7 years, i learned: designing, soldering, the softwares,CAD, UG, ansys, ps, protel, all the physics, a lot in biology, some chemistry, the electronics, the electricity...i even figured out in 3 phase power, why 380 V between live, 220V between live and neutral: it is just because the electrons have 2 directions to move. also the electromagnetic wave, i just spent too much on it. because i want my designed product to pass CE, but that product is never into reality, but 10 years before, when i knew nothing,totally 0, i got my previous boss to have me to be in charge of all things for him. also the more i know, the less money i make.

at last:
i don't expect ironic criticism. if you think my english is too bad, as i said, i ask to cooperate with an editor. if you think i am naive, ok, then you may keep silent after reading it.
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I can test betting ways [for baccarat

I am guessing any new book would have to offer something that readers would either find profitable or interesting. Some gamblers like to create their own methods for "beating" Roulette or Baccarat, whether that means waiting for five reds and betting on black or anything similar. There are also various Martingale (or similar) methods.

As you have probably gathered from this forum most of these methods are flawed, unless you've found a biassed wheel, it's rather like pretending to have invented a perpetual energy device.

I believe having a better random number generator has been mentioned in other threads: you will need to develop this if you are to prove any assertions you propose (with a worse RNG it is possible you are seeing a cycling issue that just happens to make your betting patterns work).

Some side-bets and games are beatable and there's where there might be interest. But again you need to investigate the maths and readers would expect you to have run many simulations to show the ideas work.

You ask whether someone else might check your results - this is essentially the same as asking someone to check the maths for a new game - it costs money! Also using the same philosophy, whatever you decide, ensure you know what end-result you're trying to achieve and that it (in your case the book) is marketable before putting too much effort into it.

Bets of luck,
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That's will be interesting for the readers if you write a book on gambling. Most people are interested to know the tips and tricks. I would like to help here. LOL!
Ready to learn from others.

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