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I was looking at a list of billionaires by state and it showed 8 for Nevada. I was curious who they might be. By billionaires per population that puts Nevada in 3rd spot but way behind Californias 111 billionaires which also gives them first in billionaires per population.
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I have no idea but it would be difficult to guess since some may only claim to live in Nevada for the tax break.
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1. Steve Wynn
2. Sheldon Adelson

Ok, I went and looked. Those 2, plus (none in order)

3. Kirk Kergorian
4. Nancy Walton Laurie
5. Phillip Ruffin
6. Elaine Wynn
7.Frank Fertitta
8.Lorenzo Fertitta
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Quote: beachbumbabs

1. Steve Wynn
2. Sheldon Adelson

Bill Boyd...1.4 Billion

Forbes only lists 5, and 2 and 5 have nothing to do with gaming.

This is dated from 2006...sorry.


Adelson - Sands Corp. (11th in US) $28.5B
Nancy Walton Laurie - Wal-Mart (110th in US) $4B lives in Henderson
Steve Wynn - (184th in US) - $2.9B
Phil Ruffin - (222nd in US) - $2.5B TI and other investments
Elaine Wynn - (296th in US) - $1.9B
Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta - (tied 386th in US) - $1.3B each casinos and UFC

I dunno who's 8th...or I missed them

Edit: I figured out how to organize them by state. I assume Boyd is next.

Looking at Babs post, that works too, but forbes says kerkorian's location is LA. And 97 too! Damn...

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