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The comparison of calling someone the "N" word in a derogatory manner and the use of the term "Redskin" for a football team is total nonsense. I understand that some people use either of the words in a good way (as in the "that's my N..." junk) and a bad way (those nasty Redskins cheat us in their casinos") is all about context...well, except when it comes to political correctness.

I know everyone gets a trophy, everyone is a winner, blah blah blah...but playing for the Washington Redskins is something one aspires to do; winning a Super Bowl is the goal of the Redskins. There is no "real" insult to anyone; they are honoring Indians (if they thought it was insulting, why would they use it as a name?).

The name will eventually change; another victim to being more about political correctness than about really fixing anything. It is easy to say it is an insult, or that anything is an insult, but what have any of the people saying that who are white or anything other than Indian done to help the Indians? Go to their casinos? Helped them produce more on the reservations and live better? Nah, we just made a team change a name because we made a fuss about something that wasn't really bothering all that many people. The "Team" (with a new name) will still be worth billions and the people you purport to help will be in the same shape they are in today.

Kind of like the "war on poverty" all sounds good, but nothing much has changed over the years because we haven't really made things better.

Is it really necessary to suspend a kid for making a gun out of a PBJ sandwich? For pointing a finger at someone in the form of a gun? Political correctness is mostly crap...

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