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" He loved my grandmother so much, that when she died of congestive heart failure, he refused to live without her, and was gone in less than 4 months with no health issues beyond a broken heart. "

That happens often. And people with a terminal decease often give up the struggle after a holiday or special event.

Back in Baltimore last summer to handle Joe's storage unit, among the things I found was Josie's late brother El's purple heart. Which she did not know about. Also El had a son Johnny who was 16 and joyriding as a passenger in a stolen car. The cops backed off a high speed chase, but the driver continued until the car flipped on an entrance ramp to I70. Killing the driver and Johhny.Shortly after that El's wife left him, and within days El "accidently" drove his car into Lake Roland. A high school kid , around Johnny's age, done in and rescued him.

I first met El later when he was in a mental institution after the car accident. Really nice guy. Was released after a few more weeks and was one of those street people you wonder about. Till he died !
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