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I saw this band last weekend at a Fundraising Benefit Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. So we "bundled" that together with a Comp room at Horseshoe Cleveland, and free buffets using our Total Rewards points.

I knew 3 of their songs:

- Cisco Kid ...was a Friend of Mine

- Low Rider (I always thought that was by ZZ Top, but nope)

- Why Can't We be Friends ?

.....This last one seems a little out of character for them. I think it sounds very much like a Top 40 Pop Song.


We had general admission tix, but got great seats up close to the stage on a very low balcony. The lead singer was the last remaining original member, but the rest of the musicians were also very good, with a special shout out to the sax player and the guy blowin' the harmonica.
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Saw them around 10 years ago. Great group. Always liked them, as has my wife also.
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