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I stay at the Orleans every couple months. The Seattles Best Coffee advertises free wifi. The last few times I have been, I try to log on but no luck. As you know Wifi is unreasonably expensive in-room in Vegas, so I try to save a few bucks in the coffee shop (I of course buy a 2 dollar coffee).
There will inevitably be other people there trying to log on with no luck either, but strangely one or two people ARE able to log in. I try moving around, resetting my computer, etc. My computer works fine- I suspect some funny business. Somehow i think they limit the # of simultaneous connections to only two or three people at once. I complained to management several months ago, and also tried to contact the Wifi service provider. They gave me the run around and wouldn't give me the number or provider! Very fishy- I believe they fiddle with the server so people will give up and pay for it in their rooms, or use the internet kiosk that costs 5 dollars. The baristas always play stupid. I am angry because they never fix it, and I have complained three separate times! I even told them they should remove the "Free Wifi" sign. I commend the airport in Vegas at least for having free wifi- nice surprise.
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Sounds rotten. Give this list a try, hopefully some locations are near by AND up to date on the list:
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