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Quote: BedWetterBetter

Maybe you should read closer and retain some of the actual content? I said I kept the card "in case" I needed it for Free Parking. Never actually used it for that purpose, I take the bus down to AC nearly every time I go. And if you knew about High Tier cards, they have a picture of the actual player on it so that parking attendant or whomever can verify the user right away. But I wouldn't expect you to pick up on small things like that.

Keep digging. You'll eventually dig your your way out.
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Quote: BedWetterBetter

Other than their ADT being affected, it can only help

That's the ultimate, "So other than that what did you think of the play Ms Lincoln?"

Don't use other player's cards for anything without permission.
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Casinos should be able to deal with situations like this but doubt they care or catch it when people play and just give circular logic.

You can't put their card in with out their permission, that's player's club grape.
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Quote: billryan

Keep digging. You'll eventually dig your your way out.

Keep grasping, eventually you grab a straw!

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