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Milk duds and a coke icee - thats where its at!
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I've not attended very many baseball games but I would tend to agree that part of the experience is the hot dogs, sauerkraut and the beer sold early in the game. I think also that is why Home Depot has those hot dog stands outside ... it reminds shoppers of the do it yourself barbeque celebrations they have during their home construction projects.

I do however agree that reasonable prices should prevail.
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Quote: Greasyjohn

I like to save money too. And I probably won't go to another MLB game again. This is a little off topic but the same idea. Someone recently told me that having a hot dog and a coke at the ball park is almost a required tradition. I feel no such nostalgia. Paying over $10 for a hot dog and coke in order to get the full baseball experience is just brainwashing. I can spend a couple hours at a game already fed and watered--If I were to go to a game. No baseball player deserves more than $500,000 a year (which is about what they made 35 years ago in inflation adjusted dollars). I won't go to another MLB game and pay a ticket price based on players making $20,000,000 a year. Now, a minor league game with $3 beer and $2 dogs, yeah!

If prices of tickets and concessions aren't rolled back massively, athletes deserve what they make right now. Why should the owner pay so little to the athlete relative to what he's making off of them?
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You guys should try West Wind Drive-In if you're in Vegas. Cheaper tickets. You can bring in your own stuff, but you have the option of buying their food, which is near usual prices. We usually cough up the money for Movie Popcorn, but bring our own sodas. Also, you're isolated from the annoying patrons.
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old thread but I will give my 2 cents.

When we go to the movies we have 2 options.

1. Drive Inn- we can get 2 new movies for $7.00 The concessions are reasonable but more importantly we can bring our own food and drinks. Often times we will stop somewhere and get take out and eat it in the car or outside depending on weather. After first show we may get nachos or popcorn for under $4


2. Go to the first showing of the day at Cinemark. I think it is $5 per ticket. We will bring a bottle of pop or water from home. Sometimes we will buy the $6 medium popcorn and sometimes we bring our own snack.

I just find it silly to spend $12 on a ticket and then spend $20 on concessions. I guess for people with more money then me it isn't bad but there are many other things that I would rather do with $40.
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