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this is not some conspiracy theory, I have played on for a long time, and mainly pai gow poker. I have also played thousand and thousands of hands live. When playing on youwager. there is something just not right- not saying that the win loss ratio is wrong just saying that i have hands hundreds of examples of pulling jack high pai gow and winning outright and then pulling quads and losing outright I know people will knock this but I have been playing in casinos for 20 years and play live poker and online poker as well, I see a lot of bad beats, but something is just fishy here. I have corrected their programming in the past when it was setting hands wrong such as joker,a345 and qq and it would read that hand as two pair- but this time something just out of wack, there is no way I could win three hands in a row two with jack high and one with ten high
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so you've corrected software that was wrong, but you continue to play there.
as they said in rome: caveat emptor.
In a bet, there is a fool and a thief. - Proverb.

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