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I read at GG (gambling forum) in the past about a case report from Surveillance about a different advantage play.

The advantage was that some players play 24/7 using some kind of roulette system (not visual ballistics) and they lose towards the house edge with very or littel drawdowns ...
That way they collect comp points as getting free room, free food among other things.

Have some one read about this or know about this case report.

AP - It's not that it can't be done, but rather people don't really have a clue as to the level of fanaticism and outright obsession that it takes to be successful, let alone get to the level where you can take money out of the casinos on a regular basis. Out of 1,000 people that earnestly try, maybe only one will make it.
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Not sure why this strikes you as something different.

My comment: if the only edge I got was through comps, otherwise a loser, I'd be happy about it but I would not pursue it or consider myself a true AP.
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