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I recently had a situation on a roulette table where I won a bet, but another guy claimed that he put that down. I had a $5 chip on the number 10 (a number that I always play) that came in. That's a great payout for me, though of course I would've stood my ground no matter the bet amount. The obvious solution was for the floor to have the tapes checked, and sure enough, they determined that it was my bet. Nothing hostile transpired between us, just some awkwardness.

Seems like roulette is a game where that can happen quite often, especially if some people at the table aren't playing their own colored roulette chips. I'd say sic-bo and maybe craps are other games where that could happen more often.
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I've never been at a craps table where a dispute was not resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Two "disputes" stand out but I think the word dispute is wrong. It was more like a question of "who does this bet belong to?"

This past weekend my place bet on the 5 was accidentally knocked over to the place 6 spot and when the 5 hit I didn't get paid. But the dealer knew I bet all the numbers across. The other player on my side of the table (where the place-5 chip landed) said he didnt have a place bet on the six. Case closed, I was paid, and the chip was moved back to its correct position.

About four years ago at Rio someone's Fire Bet $5 chip was knocked off its position and the dealer accidentally put it in the stack when a wild throw knocked over lots of chips. That wild throw was part of a monster hand that eventually won the 6-point fire bet. There was one player who claimed it was his $5 chip and the dealer said he remembered placing the bet, but the floor said that with $5,000 involved they would have to check the tape.

Surveillance had to do two things: one determine that there was an original bet made in that position on the fire bet and that was easy to do since it was at the start of the hand. But surveillance also wanted to see how the chip disappeared from the fire bet position... and that took nearly an hour and a half. meanwhile the game was IDLE while we waiting for surveillance to find out what it needed to find out. the payoffs on the fire bet remained on the table, there were no more rolls... the table was dead.

As one of the dealers commented, Rio lost more money with that idle table for an hour and a half than if they had just paid out the $5k without checking if it was a valid bet.
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I've played roulette once in my life I think, but isn't that why they hand out separately-colored chips to each bettor? Isn't it dis-allowed to use standard casino checks on the roulette table?

2 related stories...

On my last trip to Vegas, there was a dispute at the craps table at O'Shea's. I believe it was over a come bet, where two guys both had a come bet on a number, but only one of them had odds. When the number hit, they both demanded to be paid winnings on the odds bet. The come bet itself was $5 and I think the number was the 9, so it's not like we're talking about a ton of money here. I expected the floor person to just pay them both and call it an honest mistake, but I guess a sawdust joint like O'Shea's can't afford to lose $50 to keep one patron happy. Especially since they were about to get torn down. I honestly don't remember how they decided, but only one of them got paid. They didn't go to the tape because it was resolved by the time the floor person walked away.

On some previous trip, I was playing craps at the Excalibur, and a middle-aged guy started raising a stink, saying this older gentleman had simple picked up his Don't Pass bet and put it in his chip rack. I believe it was in the middle of a roll, so the older guy probably thought the chip was part of a payoff from a hard way or place bet or something. They were both adamant to no wrongdoing, so they went to the tape and found that the older guy did indeed pick up the chip that wasn't his. At least they didn't stop the table for that dispute.
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Quote: FourFiveFace

I recently had a situation on a roulette table where I won a bet, but another guy claimed that he put that down..

Before the use of roulette chips, in Europe you laid
whatever money you had on the table. It could be paper
or coins and come from 4 different countries. They
had men on high stools to watch the action, but it was
impossible on a crowded table. After every spin the
arguments would begin about who placed what where.
People made their livings making false claims. They averaged
about 6 spins an hour, if that.
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When craps was first introduced to Oregon at Spirit Mtn. casino, I made a point of going and betting on the first roll.

There were a couple tables IIRC, jammed to overflowing, at least 15 on each end.

I leaned in from outside (no space for me at the rail) and made a PL bet: 7 showed on the come out.

But there was confusion as to whose bet it was, so the Eye sorted it out: meanwhile, the game did not stop.
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In the US, most casinos require you to use the colored roulette chips,
and will only allow one person to play casino cheques inside.
Unless there is a player playing nickels, and one playing quarters or (100s).
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