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It's a parody of the "Rain Man" scene when Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman get matching suits and there is the shot of them coming down the escalator to the casino standing on the same step.
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Quote: boymimbo

Just caught this on the tube today. Owning Mahowny, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Minnie Driver. It tells the true story of a Canadian banker, Brian Molony, who embezzles 10.2 million dollars to fuel his gambling addiction in Atlantic City.

New Jersey Gaming fined Caesar's a day's closure (day after Thanksgiving) for their part (not checking the source of his gambling funds).

Although lacking the glitz and glamour of a movie like "21", the story is fairly true and shows the degeneration of someone who seemed fairly normal, had a good career, a girlfriend, and the normal amenities of life. He would gamble with millions but lived in a cheap apartment driving an old car.

Owning Mahowney is not just a great gambling flick, it's a great flick period. it's been a few years since I watched it but I remember they rarely (if ever) showed the game play... usually just the main character placing the bets and winning and losing with little outward emotion... John Hurt was great in this movie too...
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Premium Rush,
Not a gambling movie but has some great gambling scenes.
Particularly the cop losing in Chinatown gambling on pai gow tiles.
In debt big time playing pai gow tiles, goes to a shylock to get a loan to pay off debt but instead of paying off debt, goes to a different pai gow gambling den and loses again.
Vey funny and well done.
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Anyone remember "Fever Pitch" with Ryan O'Neal, not the crummy Drew Barrymore movie about the Red Sox Fans of a few years ago?


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I just added this one to my queue on Netflix:

Gambling with Souls

Looks like a bit of a hoot: from 1936.

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The Hustler
The Baltimore Bullet
The Cincinnatti Kid

My favorite line was from the Baltimore Bullet where the old hustler tells the young hustler "Remember kid, I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know."
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I love Owning Mahowny.

Chances are good that I have watched that movie more times than any living soul. I work from home and play the movie on my DVR a couple times each work day. I've been doing that for several years. It's very possible I watched the entire movie 2,000 times. Someone should put me in a straight jacket.

Edit- My screen name HowMany is a word jumble of Mahowny.
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Owning Mahowny because I knew brian

Rounders, very entertaining, loved the russian guy "pay him heez money"

Let it ride because it had to be about me.

The sting because grifting is now a lost art.

Easy Money.....rodney dangerfield
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How about The Color of Money
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Holy Rollers?

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