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Worst in my opinion anyway.

I absolutely hate it when casinos that have TITO systems set their machines to generate handpays at low amounts. There are at least several casinos in Michigan that will handpay at a $300-$400 "hit" instead of racking up credits or issuing tickets. I know they are trying to generate tips for their floor staff but it's ridiculous. Worst practice ever.

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That sounds pretty lame. Most jurisdictions only require a lockup for a $1200 single win. I think New Mexico requires it for $600 and they check to see if you are delinquent on your child support before paying you.
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The "Lion's Share" slot at MGM Grand requires a hand pay for ANY withdrawal.

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When they first started the Tito in vegas, I ran into that here too.

I believe most have ended up raising the limits, though I haven't been to some smaller casinos in quite awhile so not sure.

Tipping is obviously part of it, but who want's to freakin' wait around to unlock the machine when there's no reason. I imagine places got feedback on that pretty quick.
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Quote: MrV

The "Lion's Share" slot at MGM Grand requires a hand pay for ANY withdrawal.

If MGM Grand's machine can't punch out a $41 ticket, that is indeed pathetic.
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there's a reason why the Lions Share machine needs a handpay for ANY withdrawal: the machine is from before the TITO era (which is why the progressive on this one, single machine is more than 2-million). The machine would pay in $1 tokens and after all these years Im not sure MGM even has the $1 tokens anymore.

About three years ago I played it. put in $100 and wanted to cash out at $300 when I hit some smaller wins. There were about 40 tokens left in the machine.

I called a floorperson to refill the hopper -- but they couldnt find the KEY to open the hopper. It took nearly an hour before a supervisor said that I should be paid in cash.

Keep in mind this is the last machine in a progressive bank of machines. Once this progressive is hit, the machine will disappear forever.

Under NGC rules the MGM could divide the progressive up among other progressives but they choose to keep this one going.

Caesars has a similar "single machine progressive" on its floor. I think its for about a half million dollars. A red-white-blue 7s machine. But its been about six months since I last saw it. Theyve moved it several times. It was in the slots area of the Palace Casino near the tobacco shop.
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Quote: AlanMendelson

I'm not sure MGM even has the $1 tokens anymore.

They have plenty. They're the same as the tokens used for the side bet on Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that casinos still have the $5 slot tokens stockpiled for the day that side bets are $5.

Quote: AlanMendelson

....but they couldnt find the KEY to open the hopper.

I was wondering why they don't just retro-fit it for TITO. That would be a problem without a key.

Then again, how do they do ANY maintenance without a key?
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Then again, how do they do ANY maintenance without a key?

A locksmith?
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The Silver Slipper on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has TITO for all their machines, but the ticket-cashing kiosks near the parking garage door do not have coins: thus, if you insert a ticket for $3.57, you get 3 singles and a 57-cent TITO.

Considering the number of penny slots they have, I'd guess most of the TITO's have odd cents on them. Therefore, the players either walk with the sub-dollar TITO's, or else they play them off on the conveniently-placed penny machines near the parking garage door.

I guess that's a cheap way to increase the casino's hold.

Of course, the customers can always trek to the far side of the casino to get their cents from the cashier ;-)

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