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I am trying to get a new home base as a place to stay in Vegas. I am trying to determine what level of play is required for RFL or RFB at each of the different casinos.
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Varies. Almost as much as the size of that fish that got away. And the casinos vary it by identity of the host, latest policy memo the host received, age of the gambler. Heck, one reason I like Dead Week so much is that even in The Venetian or a place like that, you will stand out and be noticed far more easily than at a crowded time of the year. Other casinos are often equally dead during Dead Week and will look favorably upon you more so than they might at more hectic and more moneyed times.

And I don't think RFB status requirements should be a sole determinant. Do you LIKE the casino? Does your wife LIKE the rooms or prefer something else. I know the whole town raves about the food at the Venetian; that doesn't mean I like it.

I think you might start out with a vague grouping of casinos by tiers and use that as a guide. Remember your friends comments may not be totally accurate and hosts are loathe to ever make a commitment until after they have seen your action.

Right now I've heard that Mandalay Bay has tightened the screws real tight and its hard to get any decent comps there. Its still a beautiful place and has great spas, but they are tight on comps and have been for about 3-4 months now.

I've heard that the M Resort is real loose right now. You might not want the geography of the M Resort though. As with many casinos, that "R" in RFB can be variable when it comes to Weekends and Holidays.

I've heard that The Cosmopolitan is best described as whimsical.

Harrahs (or whatever they call themselves now) offers widely different comps at different casinos but they often favor slot players so much its a waste.

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