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I had heard of "dice-less" craps b4, but I had never seen it in action. So I just had to watch. The stickman was actually the card dealer. After (s)he shuffled the cards, the shooter (designated by a square puck marked "shooter") would hold up between 1-6 fingers to let the dealer know how many cards to burn, then the next 2 cards were the "roll". 48 cards in the deck....A-6...8times. The cards were reshuffled after each hand. Odds were paid just like regular craps. I read the Wizards page on card craps but didn't see anything quite like this one. 2 & 12 paid 30 for 1 on props and double on the field. Anyone make a quick guess what the House advantage would be on this one?

Also, all the card table games (BJ, Let It Ride, PaiGow, etc) had a small circle beside the main bet that everyone was putting a $.50 chip in. I thought at first it was some kind of side bet, then found out that it was a OK state "tax" of some sort! The tables were packed with $5 players blithely ignoring the 10% tax on each hand!! Ignorance is bliss, I guess!!!!!! And it didn't matter if it was $5 or $50, the tax was $.50! Think I'll just stick to the buffet at this place.
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