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Quote: Wavy70

Oddly I thought Metro would have found someone to shoot.

Lucky they didn't since they probably would have shot the guy trying to make the complaint!
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: JimMorrison

Lucky they didn't since they probably would have shot the guy trying to make the complaint!

As well they should.
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Here's an article about Pickpocket pickpockets on Fremont st.


Its funny, because a Vegas cop wrote the article WARNING people about all the pickpockets at the Fremont Experience 18 months ago.. And the bike cop told my friend there were no pickpockets at the FE, the cops did such a good job of keeping them out. So which is it? The bike cop was just BS'ing my friend to get out of doing anything, obviously. Great police force you got there, Vegas.
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This is pretty entertaining.

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this is a link to pick pocket proof pants:

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I have a pair of shorts and 1 or 2 pairs of pants that have a front pocket with a zipper. I feel more secure wearing those in Vegas.
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I was mugged in both Los Angeles & San Francisco (never in Las Vegas), and the police response was night & day.

Los Angeles: About 12 police cars pursued 3 muggers, car chase, foot chase, court case, met families of muggers
San Francisco: did nothing.

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Quote: Wizard

Reminds me of the brush off I got when my iPad was stolen. The LVPD seem to not care much about non-violent crime.

Violent crime and unicycle riding.
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I thought unicycle riding was a violent crime, no?
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Quote: EvenBob

Great police force you got there, Vegas.

If that is the way you or your friends or anyone else feels... just don't come to Vegas. Plenty of other places to go in this world and Vegas isn't really supposed to be Disneyland anyways. Tourists getting mugged all day and night in the Casino by the Casino betting the mortgage on Red and Black... why should the street be any different? This is the Wild Wild West... be prepared!

Police can't handle the workload they have now and you want them to track down every stolen wallet or ipad lol ... ridiculous!

Nobody to blame but ourselves anyways allowing the Casinos to put dancing bars all over the street with free music everywhere and entertainers begging for money. You draw crowds like that Zoo down on Fremont Street and your not expecting a bunch of pickpockets or worse? You guys live in a different world compared to me. I understand that Chicago and NY NY are a bit worse. I hear in Chicago they shoot you before they steal your wallet?

Quote: SanchoPanza

Any jurisdiction, or for that matter casino, that continually treats its visitors like chumps will soon be feeling the effects of that stupidity as people with half a mind gravitate to more friendly venues. That is what happens in Atlantic City, downtown Las Vegas and similar places.

That would be great... I'd show up to vote to keep those chumps out of this city. If you ever seen the movie "The Cooler"... Alec Baldwin has a great quote and here it is.... You can watch it or read it...


Ron Livingston says:
Just take a look at the Strip,you'll see what l'm talking about?

Alec Baldwin responds:
What? You mean that Disneyland m--kfest out there? Huh?
Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That's a F'ing VIOLATION is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high-priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along came that Steve Wynn c---sucker and knocks her up and put her in a f'ing family way. Now she's nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much f'ing make-up. I look at her and see all her f'ing stretch marks. It makes me want to cry because I remember the way she used to be. Am l right?

Ron Livingston playing the Bean Counter...
There's no arguing the bottom line. Those places are raking it in... and the Shangri-La as she is now can't compete with that.

Alec Baldwin:
You think l'm trying to compete with that? You think that's what we're about, trying to bring in the stroller crowd, fresh off some ''E-ticket'' ride, trying to break the house on red and black? Fremont has never been about that bulls**t. This is where old time and real money come to play.

Maybe we can get back to some Old Vegas and allow these people to go back to Disneyland or World. Personally I am tired of the stroller crowd!
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