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Norms Demo software removes all fives and replaces them with sixes what is
the effect on H.E?
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In my calculation, the Player EV goes from -0.64% to +1.89% -without any changes to Basic Strategy. Of course, the player should never hit a hard 16 vs 7-A; that strategy would help player even more.
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I never knew I was playing a +EV game, I was just trying to save the $100 or whatever on buying the software. It might explain my positive luck on this game over the long haul. Card counters are always trying to get that extra +1% EV on the regular game. All they had to do was keep it in demo mode and not count cards. So my other BJ home games seem to be a bit tougher but I can still beat them on occasion. But with the Bell Curve shifted over 2.5% to play regular games, being on the winning side may be much more difficult than I was experiencing in Demo mode on this game. Throw in another -1.5% EV for 6:5 BJ and it just seems to be on the impossible side. I just surrendered with a 15 against 9, 10, A and a 16 against a 10. So maybe my +EV wasn't bigger than as Gordon calculated.

Today's update has me winning $230K out of $34.45 million total bet in 61K hands for a win rate of 0.67%. Seems I needed a boost to keep on going. I'm losing 1.22% from Gordon's number. If I had won to $650K ahead, I'd be up at Gordon's number by now. I think in the first installation of the game I was breaking $1 million by 30K hands (100 hours of 300 hands/hr table time). From 2 years ago I had $31.8 million in total bets over 33.76K hands and was up $1.25 million for a win rate of 3.93%. If I subtract the 2.5% advantage I had, I would have only been up $450K on the first installation. But really my strategy relies on upward win streaks of significance and it's hard to factor that into my results.
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