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Finally made 20 post so can post links-n-pics B)

I have developed a puzzle based around the rules of poker.

The objective is simple: figure out which card outranks which. I designed this to be able to solve completely logically. As a bonus you can tell me how a royal flush is possible.

The puzzle is that the cards have been replaced with Spongebob characters and each card represents the value of a playing card. There are 8 characters: Krabs, Larry, Patrick, Pearl, Plankton, Sandy, Spongebob, and Squidward (alphabetically). This of course means not all playing card ranks will be used and there are no suits. Finding the exact rank of the cards is impossible with this information.

The Rules:
  1. There are seven photos showing a 2-player Texas Hold'em hand along with a caption stating who won for each picture.
  2. player A is the above hand and player B is the Below hand
  3. All poker hands are calculated to the 5th card. This does not mean the 5th card will always play.
  4. There is a special rule to allow straight/royal flushes although there are no normal flushes. A normal flush is the only hand that cannot be achieved with these rules.
  5. You start with a running total of 15 points. For every hint revealed, a respective amount of points are removed.


HINTS: priced based on usefulness

I had these cards lying around from an arcade run at the second best paying machine, the SpongeBob coin pusher, just behind the ATM. I thought one day if I assigned all the cards a different number, it could make for some interesting blackjack strategy

Using the actual values, the deck composition is +1 for the Hi-Lo player. Krabs, Larry, Patrick, Pearl, Plankton, Sandy, Spongebob, and Squidward. - 2,2,4,1,3,3,1,and 2 respectively.

I assigned the cards based on the number that was closest to their picture. patrick and plankton got assigned numbers tactically

There is only one possible combination for a straight

The special plankton yields a royal flush. the original intent was for it to be a straight flush when involved in the community cards and a royal flush when in the hole cards. This makes no difference in a 2-player game since there is only one of these plankton.

I imagine there is some flaw in my puzzle so if you can find one and give logical proof this cannot be solved great job!
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You should have made this a post in the first thread that you made about this puzzle. Please do not start two threads on the identical topic.
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