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September 27th, 2022 at 12:25:20 PM permalink
The dollar is currently strong. Great when you are vacationing in a foreign country and withdraw from ATM.
(My bank reimburses for ATM fees.)

I gambled in some of those foreign countries since Covid, won a little, and now want to convert it back to USD.
(Peso, Canadian $, British Pound, Euro)

I have a few hundred dollars worth of each of those foreign currencies.
The plan was to bring them to my local bank to convert back to USD but dragged my feet for months.
This month, the dollar shot up.
Looks like i'll be keeping those currencies in the safe a while longer.

In Canada, pick 'Visa Debit' instead of 'US Debit' at the prompt.
I had no clue which to pick so I did both (on different days) for future knowledge.
- 'Visa debit' option goes through the Visa network and was 1% ($2) cheaper for a $200 CAD withdraw.
- I'm assuming 'US debit' goes through the ATM owner's network thus a slightly worse exchange rate?
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September 27th, 2022 at 12:44:17 PM permalink
I'd have to take Canadian money to the Canadian Black Jack tables and try to win the devaluation back.

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