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July 22nd, 2020 at 7:05:47 AM permalink
Would be nice to be born into this tribe. You never have to work.
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Ask Richard Cory.
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Yes, but it is paid in Wampum.
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460 members
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Some tribes have similiar things where members get I think its 300kish when they turn 18.

There are various forms of this with different tribes who have similar gaming operations.

1 million a year is the most generous I have heard of though, many are one time payments at adulthood, or much smaller.

I am against tribal casnios, but I guess good for them, may as well spread the wealth around if they are making the money.
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I guess the Chinese investors or whatever they were supposed to have owed billions a decade ago are paid off. I mean generally, not this tribe, had assumed most were on the hook.
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