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Can someone tell me what the payback would be on full pay Deuces Wild machine if it doesn't recognize the ace as a straight flush card when the hand contains wildcards.

example 2♣ 2♣ 2♣ A♣ 4♣ = 5 coins Wild 4oak....instead of 9 coins for a Str8 Flush.

I'm not sure yet if it does that with any and all combinations of wild cards containing an ace but I just want to assume that's the case for now. I don't know how it would treat the hand with 2 or less wildcards just yet.

Thanks in advance.
Here is a normal full pay Deuces Wild pay table just in case.
Natural royal flush 800 440202756 0.000022 0.017667
Four deuces 200 4060462824 0.000204 0.040741
Wild royal flush 25 35796957696 0.001796 0.044896
Five of a kind 15 63818309856 0.003202 0.048024
Straight flush 9 83087969280 0.004168 0.037515
Four of a kind 5 1294427430576 0.064938 0.324691
Full house 3 423165297240 0.021229 0.063687
Flush 2 334561280724 0.016784 0.033568
Straight 2 1117664265756 0.056070 0.112141
Three of a kind 1 5674784779512 0.284690 0.284690
Nothing 0 10901423560980 0.546897 0.000000
Total 19933230517200 1.000000 1.007620
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The quick estimate I would use: There are nine possible high card straight flushes (5 - K). So lets just say the 5 high SF represents one-ninth of all those. So 11.1111% of the 0.4168% of the time you get a SF, it's going to pay up to 7 coins less than it should. So that would increase the house edge (or decrease the player edge, however you want to look at it) by about 0.046%. We know that's high, because 5-high SF is the rarest one you'll see and sometimes you'll be paid on four-of-a-kind instead of a flush. I would also wonder if they pay anything on an five high straight
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Quote: TomG

The quick estimate I would use:

I was going to say the same thing.
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