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November 13th, 2019 at 1:16:04 PM permalink
Quote: AxelWolf

the truth is the dude spun some yarn and Racqet believe him . It's amazing what little evidence we need to think something is true.

Almost anybody you'll ever talk to will always tell you they have a brother/ uncle/ cousin/ father / best friend that's a professional gambler. The sad part is... those people telling you that actually believe it.

I saw this guy for maybe sixty minutes total over two days. I don't think it was a "yarn" - who did he need to impress?

I didn't believe or not believe anything. A lot of commentary in this thread about living in a hotel reminded me of this guy, and his story fit to this topic. I could imagine doing the same thing, although my opinion of this guy and the lifestyle it would entail makes me think that it would require some kind of income beyond what you make playing blackjack and sports betting.

We all have sat down at a table and listened to stories and seen personalities that we truly "believe" to be crap, and are, truly, yarns. The main point of the storytelling is to make sure everyone else sitting there knows how self-important he (usually a man) is and how important his story.

That was not this guy. Too laid back, too low-key. Seemed genuine to me.

Legitimate or not, it seemed to fit in this thread, to the point that maybe it in fact IS something that might work.
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November 14th, 2019 at 8:23:49 AM permalink
I actually did live out of hotels for a couple of years. In my case I was travelling a lot for work and realized it didn't make sense to keep paying for an apartment in a high-cost of living city when I was only there ~10 nights a month. There was no gambling involved, so that aspect is entirely different, but some of the things I found.

Money - I ended up spending a little less living in hotels than I would have to keep my apartment but it was mostly a wash. I just traded rent, utilities, gym membership for hotel charges, laundromats, and increased food spending. It's also a trade off in time and energy - I no longer had to maintain a residence (I miss not having to ever make a bed or clean a toilet), but instead there was the logistical hassles of making travel plans, packing/unpacking, etc. Things like "where/when am I going to do laundry" became more stressful/consumed more of my mental energy than is reasonable. Mail is an issue if you don't have someone willing to let you use their address. And not having an actual address complicates many things I hadn't really thought of: renewing a driver's license, passing a background check needed for a new job, getting car insurance, etc. I never met an insurmountable obstacle, but those random things ended up taking a lot more time and energy than they would have if I had a normal permanent address.

The other thing that I actually enjoyed, but that many would find frustrating/challenging is the need to be super minimalist if you are going to be traveling full time. I didn't have a car, so I was living out of a carry on sized suitcase + briefcase. Luckily I could store some small things in my office at work. And my parents let me stash a few boxes worth of things I didn't want to get rid of permanently in their basement. It was pretty bare bones and I STILL managed to lose several things in hotel rooms when checking out, which was another unexpected (but avoidable if you aren't as absent-minded as I am) expense.

If you are going to make a go of this, I would encourage you to spend some time getting to know the various hotel loyalty programs for those times when you need to spend a night outside of the casino. Things have changed a lot since I was doing this full time, but I got a lot of free nights by exploiting hotel loyalty promotions and best rate guarantees. Someone savvy about travel hacking and comp hustling could probably string together cheap/free hotel nights indefinitely.
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November 16th, 2019 at 9:26:01 PM permalink
Quote: AxelWolf

If a guy could make a decent hourly AND get free meals and housing for free then I'm all for it if you enjoy living in hotel rooms. But if you're spending most of your time just playing to earn food and housing that doesn't sound like a good situation to me.

Personally, I think I'd rather live out of a fully self-contained RV.

I would be banking pretty heavily on the idea that it doesn't take much to get reduced rates without too much effort beyond what I would do normally if I went on a permanent Las Vegas vacation. Think I could go pretty much every Sunday - Thursday never paying more than $30 per night at Stations / Boyd level properties. Add in Friday and Saturday at double that and it makes an apartment seem like the obvious choice. But, there will be some completely comped nights. And even some nights I spend without need a room doing other stuff (playing games, the gym, driving to Reno). One thing I've found is it can be very east to get "free" rooms on the strip. Which really end up costing about $50 per night on average. Some less than that. From a pure 'money in - money out' economics stand point it isn't as good as playing six hours at AZ Charlies. But there is some value in having part-time accommodations at billion dollar resorts among the most well-known, popular, luxury tourist destinations in the world.

The other thing is that I can always re-evaluate every month. Went five weeks in hotels during a summer road trip one summer and could have gone longer with no problem.

Quote: RS

Some downsides, I think some already discussed:

-Lot of good stuff you bring up. Lack of convenience and having to stay on top of the laundry situation would be the problem. The actual chore would just be sitting in front of an iphone or chromebook in a different location while waiting for it to get done.
-Having to deal with hotel wifi might be the biggest bitch of all.
-Will still have just as much access to grocery stores. Anywhere else in the country would be able to count on finding hotels with fridge / microwave. Not Las Vegas. Fortunately I have no problem having corn nuts and protein bars for a meal everyday
-No problem not having much stuff at all. Can definitely see myself having to replace lost phone chargers every week. Can also see getting really annoyed at losing room keys every other day
-Mail would be an issue. But there is no reason why it has to be like that. It should be that we can get all casino promotions electronically.
-Try to keep things as normal as possible. Go to the gym everyday. Go to the library. Would even look into some possible jobs where you fill out paperwork and the boss takes out taxes.
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November 17th, 2019 at 5:34:21 AM permalink
Here is a life hack.

Find out who gives you free food for it being your birthday. Also find out which ones don't ask for ID. Sign up for multiple accounts with different names and different dates of birth. You can pull at least 15 meals a month just doing that.
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November 17th, 2019 at 7:25:19 AM permalink
Living for a few months in a hotlel Isn't a challenge. He'll, there are thousands of kids in Las Vegas who have done it their whole lives. I thought you wanted to do it for free.
What is the point of paying $30 a night to stay in a hotel when a studio apartment cost less?
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November 22nd, 2019 at 10:17:18 AM permalink
you could get a large beater for a couple thou - like a 15 year old SUV - drive it very gently and mainly use it for sleeping - find a safe spot to park

then you could get a gym membership for showers - they can be obtained very cheap - like $10 per month with a promo

then if you have a nice positive drift splurge for a hotel room for a couple nights

you would have to be careful how you eat - not just fast food burgers chicken and pizza - need to get some veggies and bran every day

just a thought -
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November 22nd, 2019 at 8:02:30 PM permalink
Quote: lilredrooster

you could get a large beater for a couple thou - like a 15 year old SUV - drive it very gently and mainly use it for sleeping
just a thought -

You can't do that in the summer here. I'd actually say there's five months out of the year you can't do that.
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