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Agreed. The whole point of discussing and/or visiting the Longhorn was those three blackjack tables. It was a little haven for red chip players what with a $2 table, favorable comps and (of course) the three-card double down rule. Without blackjack the place may as well sell out to Dotty's.
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Casinos come and go, but I will miss the Longhorn.
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Quote: billryan

Casinos come and go, but I will miss the Longhorn.

My favorite thing about the Longhorn is their coffee shop. I generally only eat breakfast there but it is my kind of place. A greasy spoon with very affordable prices. I usually get the small Chicken Fried Steak and I think it is $4.99 with hash browns and toast. They are also the only place in Vegas that i know serves chipped beef on toast (Shit on a shingle).
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