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Hi. I got an unsolicited call from a host at the MGM with an invitation to stay at the Park MGM. It used to be the old Monte Carlo that was falling apart at the seams. Can I get a few reviews.

I'm also wondering how the fellow found me in the first place. I belong to the 24K at the GN but that's it. I"m not in MLIFE or the CET systems.

Do any of you get these calls and play the host against other hosts that have worked with you? I did with this guy and he seemed ready to be very generous. I think that it works better than just opening a credit line, which will also get you a phone call out of nowhere. Does that sound like the way to get the most- open a credit line and when they call see if they can beat the comps you get from your other host?

I know it's a multi-tiered question but I'd like a lot of opinions please.

Oh, by the way, it was a real host (and I still don't know how he found me unless he stole info from my current host), not of of those BS ones that just feed into Time Scare showings.
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Did you give him your credit card # to hold the rooms?
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