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Quote: EvenBob

the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Internet has become a place where irony does not exist

One reason is people have become thin-skinned. Right and left, all of them: conservatives are as much snowflakes and politically correct as liberals, they just have their own pet peeves. Example: calling a racist a racist has become an insult instead of a simple assertion of the truth. But how to say racist without the word? This is 1984: forbid the use of words to forbid thinking.

Another reason is illiteracy. Forums and social networks are accessible to anyone, there is no filter for intellect or writing skills. They dont know how to turn the written word to convey irony; it takes talent and, mostly, time. People react fast, hence they write as they talk (that includes me). Just ask an actor: a written sentence can be expressed in a lot of different ways, up to reversing its meaning.

The third reason is bad faith. Rules are never mechanical. Interpretation is the difficult part. That is why there are judges, juries, courts, procedures, defense rights. Instant decision by a lone non-neutral agent, without appeal, is the way of the Tribunal Révolutionnaire : the way to disaster.
Remember how this thread was about cheering and thanking. It got waylaid because of one thing. Not EvenBobs word, but the suspension!
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