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When you get stuff from your Host there are "soft comps", things that don't cost the casino anything like RFB, limos, cabanas,etc.

What do you think is the level of action is In order to get harder comps like airfare, rebates on losses, and whatever you can think of?

Do you think some of these are even offered downtown?

I'm going out in a few weeks. My host has been aggressively trying to get me out there so I'm curious.

Note: I'm not changing my playing levels to get them, in case you're wondering.
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Casinos pay for limousines at a discounted hourly rate per month, its nowhere near what you would pay to hire one, but its not free to the casino. Airfare is usually thru their captive travel agency and they will know of your arrival and departure and will want al your action.
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Most Las Vegas casinos (including downtown) let players start earning some form of hard comps on the very first dollar they gamble by using the players club. General rule is 20-40% of theoretical losses can be given back to players as comps. Based on that estimates, airfare would require action to be about the cost of the ticket divided by 0.2, divided by house edge. For most customers putting through that much action, it will be a lot easier to just get cash back from the casino and spend it however we want. The biggest casinos have their own private fleets they use for their biggest players. Although it definitely costs the casino a lot of money, it's still costs them a lot less than if we went online and tried to book a private flight ourselves. In those cases it would actually fall more on the soft comp side. First quote I found on a google search shows a private flight from New York to Las Vegas to be $60k round trip. It certainly feels like a baccarat player would not need to give them $30 million in action on a weekend trip to get that. The typical soft comps like drinks, food, rooms, show tickets, don't have a cost of zero to the casino. They just cost the casino a lot less than the price everyone else would pay if not using the comp system
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