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Quote: kewlj

It never occurred to me that a few AP's smarter than me had also figured this out and were exploiting it. I plead 'stupid' on that and throw myself at the mercy of the court and those fellow AP's.

i came out a loser eventually that day but - the one of the first times i knew that i had found the exploit was when a dealer stopped my game and whispered to their pit manager that i knew what cards were coming out right in front of me - he told her to continue dealing the cards.
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Quote: AxelWolf

For the record, I absolutely believe some shufflers have the ability to cheat. I believe that it has happened and will happen in the future. What I don't believe is that it's rampant. I have a feeling it's very rare. I absolutely don't believe the bubble craps is cheating.

I also don't believe it is common. I have encountered it twice and I am a grinder type player playing many casinos and hours. More than most professional blackjack players who play higher stakes. AND both incidents were at small independently owned casinos. One was later purchased by one of the chains, but was independent at the time.

But while not common I think players should be on the lookout for it. Hey I jumped the gun last summer, thinking some really bad variance was a third case and was wrong. Nothing wrong with that. Glad I was wrong.

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