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Quote: MaxPen

Welcome to Vegas. Everyone local has a Better call Saul guy in their phone on speed dial. It's sort of a right of passage.

Iím going with Number 3, but thatís just me.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: Boz

Iím going with Number 3, but thatís just me.

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I'd be nervous about hiring any of the attorneys who advertise via billboard, but you need to talk to a competent attorney about your options.

Assuming you don't have an attorney in mind, you could either check Las Vegas personal injury attorney reviews on a website which rates them (AVVO), or you could call Bob Nersesian's office and ask for a referral to someone he recommends.
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Quote: AxelWolf

Did you say it was the other person's fault(I don't think you are allowed to drive in the bus lane)? Did anyone call the cops? If yes, what happened? If not, why?

There should have been a ticket given for the person at fault if the cops were called out.

From my understanding, even if you are driving around without a license you are NOT automatically at fault and you can still be compensated. You would still follow all the steps as if you had one. There may be fines at the court level for not having a license and stuff, but no doubt the fines would be less than what the cost of your injuries and claim is worth.

You need to contact an attorney.

FYI Glen Lerner will send someone to you(Perhaps they all do). The people they send out get paid for each client that sign up.

Thanks. Police gave me a ticket and said it was my fault driving on bus lane. Doctor said minor injury with 2 (only 2) fractured ribs. Ribs will heal by themselves. The Glen Lerner guy, should I contact him?
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You will be in excruciating pain, starting tomorrow or the day after. For a period of about 5 days, you will hardly be able to breath, depending on which ribs got fractured. The problem is the swelling surrounding the site... the pain is exasperated, and so it is critical that you take some Motrin right away to help prevent fluid build-up. The severe pain will then subside but you will still hurt for another 6 weeks or so, more so when you move or bump into something, or you cough or sneeze. Hiccups are really bad.

A wrap-brace is really helpful, so get a decent one with three-way Velcro straps and use it every day.

I have cracked ribs 7 times in the past 10 years, so I speak from experience. But I'm 65 years old... I hope you're a bit younger and tougher.

Try not to get hooked on the pain meds, bro.
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Thanks discflicker. I am a bit younger but not that young and tough.
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Yeah, I've always read that cracked ribs are best taped tightly, but no personal experience with it, and making no recommendation as IANAD.

Really sorry this happened to you, speedycrap. I'm afraid you're in for weeks of soreness/pain.
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You can usually get advice from the billboard attorney but not retain him. They often do high volumes and settle rather than go to trial, but if they give you that thirty minutes for free stuff it can be valuable to you.

I forget who the lawyer who advertises at DT is.
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I hope your recovery is quick and relatively painless. It sounds moot now, but it's my understanding hospitals cannot refuse service for situations where you need immediate care, although I think they can send you somewhere that will take you. The place most people end up who can't pay and have no insurance is UMC. As someone else advised, just say "bill me."

As to the legal situation, if there is someone else at fault with money or insurance, there are hundreds of lawyers in Vegas who will happily talk to you. If the person at fault has neither, a common situation, you're pretty much on your own.
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Will we get to see this incident on a future episode of COPS? 😎

J/K, get better.

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