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Fun variance flow over the past 7 days..

My last 5 casino trips have been profitable. The way it's worked though, could best be described as entertaining, or eventful. First, I decided to stay completely away from Blackjack for a two month period. The games I wanted to concentrate solely on were Craps and 3-card Poker (table). The main reason is I wanted to practice a slow play approach and challenge myself to be more disciplined.

Each time I went, I did the same approach.

Overview of the Process

Starting Session Bankroll: $500

Craps bankroll strategy: If my bankroll dips below $200, I move to 3-card poker. If my bankroll doubles, I pocket $900 and move to 3-card poker.
Craps Play Strategy: $10/$10 pass/odds with $10/$10 come. If a hot roller, progression goes to $10/$20 on PL and Come bets. Once I have a min of $20 on 5/6/8, I do anything but 7 with come strategy ($10 field and $10 come). Goal is PL plus 3 total Come Bets up. No come takedown unless 7 is rolled on a come out roll in which case, I get my odds back. Or, if a 7 is rolled after the point is set.

3-card Poker:

3-card Poker Bankroll Strategy: If I just came from craps and I'm down, and my bankroll breaks even or barely exceeds, I call it a day and go home. If I just doubled my bankroll in craps, I play the excess money until it is either gone, or I reach +$500. If I have an exceptional win, I take $400 and play a specific slot machine called "Warriors".

3-card Poker Play Strategy: 3/2/1 or $15/$15/$10/$5 for play/ante/bonus/6-card bonus. After any bonus win, I increase by 1 unit on all plays. I continue to press if a win streak continues. I play on every hand. I do not use qualifiers due to the dealer not qualifying a great mount of the time. The betting sample gives me a lose/break even/ or win. The longest qualifying streak I've seen to date is 7 in a row. The longest non-qualifying streak I've seen to date is 18 in a row. This is the main reason why I bet this way.


Even though I didn't include it, this is a min $1, max $20 high profile slot machine near the front door of the casino table game entrance. It is highly visible and one of the rare machines that keeps churning out big wins. It has a bonus and it also has 3 progressives (avg of $200-$400, $1200-$2500, and $19000-$45000).

Day One: I won $3,900
Day Two: I won $2,570
Day Three: I won $900
Day Four: I won $400
Day Five: I won $200

On Day one, I ended up winning double my bankroll and an additional $220 so went to 3-card poker. I progressively continued to win and decide to call it quits and go to the Warriors slot machine. I hate slot machines. I was at +$4,300 and put in $400. Lost the $400 and went home.

On Day two, I went down in craps to $190. Went to the 3-card poker table and got back up to $700. Kept my initial $500, and played $200 in warriors slot machine. Got it up to $600 and change and won a progressive for $430. Two rolls later, I hit a $1,400 bonus win and the machine was stopped for a hand payout. I went home.

On Day three, I got up to $1,300 on craps and pocketed $900 and played $400. Got almost down to nothing and hit a triple Aces for a $450 hit and then lost a teeny bit more before leaving and going home.

Anyways, up close to $8k for the week. I don't think I'm going back until next week. My progression is going down and down and down.

Day four and Day five were fights. I thought I would lose out on these days but somehow I managed to get back up. My favorite win was the $200. This happened yesterday. I took $500 to craps and got down to $200. Went to 3-card poker and got up to $500 before going down to $57 dollars. I took the $57 and went to warriors slot machine and won $700 on the second $20 spin. Cashed out and went home.

Each day, progressively worse but still coming out on top.
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This is some mighty fine APing you are doing here. All these years I thought casinos won in the long run because they have an edge but now I see it's because players don't have your discipline. I wish I had your discipline so that I could be a super duper winner too!
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