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Hi y'all. My name is Aimee and Im now 21 years old!! and MUST GO to Las Vegas. Prolly go in the springtime. I figured this would be a good place to learn stuff and help plan my trip.

We have a casino in my home town and I have been there but just to have some drinks and dance. I need to learn about gambling before I go to Vegas.

Anyhow, I gotta go, TTFN.
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First of all, welcome to Wizard of Vegas, Aimee, and I hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday. While all birthdays, 'Only happen once,' that is definitely the big one.

You can learn about games at and you can learn about the different casinos with hotels in the Reviews on this site. I believe that almost all casinos with hotels have been reviewed here.

I would recommend obtaining copies of the American Casino Guide and Las Vegas Advisor before going to Vegas, they are full of all sorts of useful coupons, many of which are for Free Play or table game Match Play which will give you the opportunity to play many different games. Do not use a Match Play (or play at all) on Blackjack if the table pays 6:5 on a Natural, you want the Table to pay 3:2. If you have a Match Play and only want to bet the Table Minimum, but it is a 6:5 table, make your bet on Craps instead, either bet the Pass or the Don't Pass.

If you tell them it is your first time ever playing Craps, they may well pass the dice to you so you can shoot at earliest opportunity. The earliest opportunity would be after the current hand has finished. Many players consider a female first-time (apologies if my assumption based on your handle is incorrect) Craps player to be good luck. It's not actually mathematically true, of course, but if it were me I would skip my turn to shoot out of deference to the superstitious ones. It's polite to a first time player to give them the dice if either he or she wants them anyway, I would suggest.

Other than that, I've got no further advice for you at this time, other than to check out WoO. Video Poker is better than slots. Try to play a good bit if you are staying at a casino's hotel and they might comp off some or all of your room charges, but don't play for JUST that reason or beyond what you can afford.

Many casinos offer benefits for new players club members, but it is up to you whether or not you want to do that. In many cases, it would be better to wait for a better new player offer and not take the first one that comes around. Keep in mind that would also prohibit you from doing some of the Free Play coupons if you do not want to join the players club at that casino. I think there are also a few places that you couldn't get your match play down without a card, but not many. Cannery is one that would not let me play my match play without a PC card, of course, they didn't say that until I had already bet it and won.

If there are any specific games you may have observed that you think you might be interested in, then you would do well to say so, and some of us could more specifically direct you to the pertinent information.

Also, people with no players club cards are often a hot commodity. You might receive a few PM's when you post a more specific date that you are heading out there, and perhaps even before that. Most people here can be trusted, probably all of them, but I don't personally know all of them so can't say that.

Again, welcome to WoV, may you enjoy your time here.
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Very sensible of you to want to learn how to play first. So many tourists just show up and think they know what they are doing.
Many casinos offer free lessons usually in the late mornings or around 3:00pm. Even if you think you know how to play, sample the lesson sessions since you can still learn and sometimes get some sort of "sweetener" from the casino. Immediately after the lessons play will start and the crew, knowing your "newbie" status will try to keep the play 'slow and informative" for a short while.

Immediately before leaving for Las Vegas I suggest you check the casino web sites for details on any New Player Club Members deals. Don't bother with free trinkets unless they really interest you. Do get a free plastic lanyard for slot players. Even if do not ever play slots its nice to have a free item that clips to your clothing and to your players club card. It keeps you from losing it and having to open your purse unnecessarily.

Remember: stay hydrated, bring walking shoes and socks, and STAY SOBER when you gamble. Well, relatively sober.
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didn't anyone let her know all new members must post a selfie?
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Go to Ellis Island for some great Karaoke with friends and cheap drinks! Perfect for 21 year bday bash!
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Quote: WatchMeWin

Go to Ellis Island for some great Karaoke with friends and cheap drinks! Perfect for 21 year bday bash!

My suggestion is to learn craps. It's intimidating at first, but actually very very simple. By far, it has the best skill to house edge ratio of any casino game. And it's a hell of a good time. You will be super popular at the table too.

Mike did a video series not to long ago.
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OMG!! You guys responded to my post!! Thank you soooo much.

Mission146- thank you soooo much for all the advice. I will read it carefully. Bad news is that I have a hangover this morning. Too much vodka red bull last night. UGH.

FleaStiff- thank you. You made me LOL with your STAY SOBER advice. I will try really hard but imma prolly get drunk. Hey its Vegas right?

Wizardofnothing- my new avatar is a selfie from summer afternoons at the pool. I must get into bikini shape again before Vegas. I think the holidays made me gain 10 pounds. UGH.

WatchMeWin- ellis island in New York? Maybe its an inside joke or something. I dont know and I cant think right now. SO SORRY! Vodka no more.

gamerfreak- I want to play craps. I reallllllly want to play craps. My ex ex BF was a gambler. He liked craps and BJ too.

Imaa back to bed now.

Hangover 1
Aimee 0
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Quote: Aimee21

...Hangover 1
Aimee 0

I hope you enjoy Vegas when you get there.

One idea is to try out a large casino and also, if you can, one down-town and a trip to a smaller one out-of-town. If you're there on holiday for a few days (and have a car) I'd also recommend a day trip to somewhere like Death Valley, Valley of Fire, or even to Utah.

As has been suggested, Craps is a good starter. The best way to start is to play simple and just make one minimum "Pass" bet at a time and, if you're happy to bet more, ask how to take single odds - just remember to ignore all other bets until you've mastered the game. The second step is learn Blackjack - but there's a fair learning curve to master.

I wouldn't recommend mixing gambling with drinking - but that's a personal choice.

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