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September 3rd, 2016 at 9:22:16 AM permalink
Quote: MrV

Speaking anecdotally based on personal experience, being stoned enhances the casino experience, especially the colors and sounds.

As a blackjack dealer in a college town in Washington, I see plenty of marijuana users at my tables. I'll agree that marijuana and gambling are a fine mix. If anything, marijuana makes players less conducive to leaving.
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September 3rd, 2016 at 12:05:19 PM permalink
Quote: RonC

Maybe not out in the open; but perhaps with a "private area"...

That's what I was thinking, like a smoking room in an airport or even a coffee shop in Amsterdam (where they provide it on site). I could see them charging random tourists $100 for an eighth of mid-grade plus tax, easy (basically 2-3x fair rate).

And yes... buffets will have to start seriously enforcing their two hour limit.
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September 3rd, 2016 at 12:54:33 PM permalink
Wedibles - Just one bite will make you say I do.

Then again, you'll probably need that more after you're married for awhile :)
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September 3rd, 2016 at 9:53:55 PM permalink
I think if recreational MJ were to be legalized in NV/LV, the casinos may have a difficult time taking advantage of it.

When it comes to drugs (i.e.: not tobacco products or alcohol), casinos tend to be on the more conservative side, similar to the mob that used to run LV.....IMO.....at least for managements / higher ups / execs.

I also don't think any major chain (MGM, Caesars, stations, Boyd) would risk having a pro-marijuana stance......it's not something that generally looks good for a company to do. Even if legalized, there's still the negative stigma that comes with MJ. I could potentially see this as being an opportunity for a new market, perhaps the smaller bars around LV will catch on....at least more likely than the casinos, I think.

Getting high and gambling just doesn't really mix very well. Those who would get high and gamble are already doing it. Those who wouldn't, don't and won't (maybe a few).
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September 3rd, 2016 at 10:08:35 PM permalink
I was thinking about this today. What do stoners like? Sex, food, music, video games maybe. Positive reinforcement stuff. Gambling isn't something pleasurable enough to their taste. If anything, they'll come in sober hoping to win enough they need to buy dope, then quit and leave once their bong can be filled.

That is if they have some money, but not enough to buy ganja. I doubt people are gambling heavy at dead and phish shows beside gambling on pregnancy and stds. Weed just has to be a net negative on gambling, but that doesn't mean a casino won't make money, just doesn't mean they'll make it gambling. Maybe people would go to Vegas to buy drugs, but won't be able to take them home on a plane I don't think.
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Quote: ahiromu

In my experience (Caesar's & MGM properties), every other hallway usually has at least one room that somewhat smells of marijuana, but I wouldn't classify it as a problem. Every once in awhile, rarely, you can tell someone lit a fat joint in their room and just doesn't care. Do any of you think this could become a problem, or, do you think nothing will change?

Article in question

I stayed at MGM once and the first thing I smelled was weed. Housekeeper was in there cleaning and was about to leave. I told her damn it smells like a party in here. She proceeded to bust out some windex (I guess windex is a cleaner and a freshner) and sprayed all over the room.

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September 4th, 2016 at 12:35:32 AM permalink
Some anecdotes as to drugs, alcohol and other activities:

Craps player at about 3:30am has a bindle of cocaine drop from his sleeve into the Field and Benny Binion yells: Its a bet. At this time of night any of my dealers can cover that bet"

Craps base dealer is being very courteous to a blind craps player and the blind craps player dog is exhibiting great interest in the craps dealer. Since play is somewhat slow with a blind person at the table, conversation turns to where did you get the dog and the response was he is retired from the LA police department. Base dealer knowing why the dog is so interested in base dealer's ankles immediately asks for emergency relief break and when he returns the Box asks him "is it gone?"

Security guard takes short cut thru the dealer's break room and finds two craps dealers puffing away on what surely ain't tobacco. Guard marches them to Benny Binion who promptly tells the security guard to stay out of the dealer's breakroom and tells teh dealers to get back to work.

Young partiers cause a noise complaint to be made. Guards show up and quiet things down. As guards depart they say we will be back in twenty minutes to check IDs for drinking age, but do not in fact return.

Venetian early mornings: Security dogs sniff the floor around tables particularly where the dealers stand.

Shift Manager greets High Roller and his Female Companion and escorts them around the property showing them where everything is and introducing them as honored guests to the staff. Four Days later High Roller and his wife arrive and Shift Manager greets them and escorts them around introducing them as honored guests and each pit boss and host greets them and says happy to meet you to the man they met four days ago.

Female texts her favorite craps dealer her arrival time and room number, craps dealer arrives in room for "Drinks and Etc." but knows to be quiet when she answers her phone after the Etc. Her husband informs wife that he will be arriving on an earlier flight than planned and will get there tomorrow.

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September 4th, 2016 at 6:45:52 AM permalink
The pieces are already being put into place in at least 1 casino

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September 4th, 2016 at 7:22:24 PM permalink
I'm on the fence for legalized marijuana. Part of me really hates the concept and the other part is more concerned about creating a safer environment for addicts. I see both sides.

A couple of reasons:

1.) Seeing it first hand, I think its a blight on the average person who doesn't want to smell it every where you go. Second hand marijuana smoke is pretty offensive.

2.) Yes I like the regulation aspect of it, the tax collection, but I've also see it become taxing on social services that are not prepared to handle the wave of addiction.

3.) I question the safety. I'm a pro-Western scientific method kind of person. I'd rather see THC engineered in a controlled laboratory rather than cross-breeding different varieties of plants. At least in a lab, you can get a pure form of THC. The cross-breeding, chemical fertilizers, and myriad of additives make me question the safety factor. Grant it, synthetic THC has caused some deaths in clinical trials, which on the face of it is sufficient for me to question THC as a whole regardless of production means.

4.) If you're ok with a red light district, how about a green light district (but off strip please)?

5.) Right now, you know it's there and available in Las Vegas. Access makes it more abundant. The more you restrict access, the safer the public.

I think the right approach is to proceed with caution. Unfortunately, politicians are all or nothing on the matter.
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September 5th, 2016 at 5:44:12 AM permalink
Interesting thread and despite all I have seen on the mj subject all the replies did get me thinking more.

We are getting to where states are preempting the feds on mj laws, sooner or later the feds might just throw up their hands and decide if people want to smoke and toke their brains out then just let them. I have rarely heard of the feds doing a mj bust except at the border, Maybe the good thing is to focus on keeping the Mexican stuff out and let locals grow USA supply?

As to casinos, it will be tricky for them. A casino or hotel room that smells of dope is one that I will leave and likely not return to. Not for any high level moral reason but because I do not want to be stinking of pot. Will a billion dollar property want to risk that investment to cater to the stoner crowd, or just stoners and those who want to be a stoner for a weekend?

OTOH, I could see a lower-end property having a mj bar, same as they might have a cigar bar. Make it real high end with all kinds of variety. BUT, it is still a federal crime! Again, who is going to risk a billion dollar property for such small incremental revenue. Even if you rented the concession, the feds could still take the place and change the sign to "Obamas Palace." Risking a small storefront in CO is one thing, risking a strip property is another.

Would it increase gaming revenue? I doubt it would much. First, assume they keep it off the floor because if the place smells like pot they will lose the non-stoner trade. That alone is a decrease. Lets assume that they limit the smoking to just designated hotel rooms and a pot lounge. Anything I have seen of pot smokers is that mj lessens desire to do anything, even get up out of your chair. I do not see people getting high and then figuring to go gamble. More getting high and then staring at the doorknob for half an hour. Or in a lounge setting, getting high while chilling and chatting with others getting high, talking jibberish.

Will there be pot tourism? Absolutely. Is it worth it for a major property to get involved with it? That is way more tricky.
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