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September 3rd, 2015 at 7:53:15 AM permalink
Disgraced former actor, NFL running back and celebrity Nevada prison inmate OJ Simpson is whining about how prison sucks .


He wants women to send him money to pay other inmates to keep them happy and "off his back" (a euphemism for "not being anally raped," it would seem}.

You know what they say about" payback" and "karma?"

"What, me worry?"
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Wait a sec...

Prison sucks?

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September 3rd, 2015 at 8:19:30 AM permalink
Judge Joe Brown says prison is like a "slave warehouse"
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Quote: zoobrew

Judge Joe Brown says prison is like a "slave warehouse"

And to think, he only went to "jail"
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On one of my trips to Vegas this year, I was eating at that restaurant in the Four Queens (Magnolias, maybe?) and overheard this lawyer guy talking extremely loud about OJ at the table next to me. It was fascinating. I couldn't tell how this lawyer knew OJ, if he represented him, prosecuted him, etc.

Anyway, some of the stuff loud lawyer guy in Four Queens said:

-OJ had been banging a transsexual hooker prior to his arrest
-OJ contracted HIV from said hooker
-OJ confessed to said hooker he killed Nicole, but confession was inadmissible in court

Lawyer guy could have been talking nonsense out of his butt, but I was hooked on every word.
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