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1. 75% of their casino revenue comes from the invisible part of the casino, the so-call VIP suites.
Mass market i.e. the main casino floor contribute just 25%.

2. Minimum bet for BJ is USD175.

3. Hotel rooms for 5 star cost USD 350 per night. And are about 100% full in the week-ends.

4. No Comps need to be given to Mass market. No such thing as a free buffet. Hotel rooms forget it.

5. Week-end gamblers standing 3 deep to play on the tables.

6. Casino revenue increasing up to 40% per year.

Well you probably guess it by now. ...................Macau.

So the 6 operators which include the US operators, LVS, Wynn and MGM couldn't double the size of their casinos and hotels fast enough.

But things are changing just as fast. Premier Xi has crack down on corruption. The so call VIP suites are just the conduit for money laundering and may soon disappear.
Hotel rooms coming on stream in the next 2 years will double the number of existing hotel rooms.
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