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Hi all,

I would to give some review about Bitcoin Casino Games at Dreamland Casino.

This bitcoin casino is open to all players. They provide various of casino games from slots, table, arcade, others game with no download.

From all games that i have played, I think i would vote for the country cash. This game is fabulous with its sound effect and graphic. Besides that, Only with 5 points, i can make 400 more gameplays with 0.5 bets. This shows this games has a high payout maybe around 98-99%.

You should try this games.
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I normally dislike spam however......

I have briefly looked at this casino. It was unclear if players from the United States were eligible

What I have never seen before was this rule.

The player is permitted to have more than one account. It is allowed to register and/or play using more than one account.
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