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Quote: sc15

I've never asked for a comp at a casino I've never set foot in before. So this is new to me. In vegas I would always stay at store I've previously played at and earned comps at a new place before getting anything from them.

And for a new place, I wouldn't expect them to front me free play and agree to up front RFB when they've never seen any play from me. I'm sure there's places that would do this to attract a potential new big player, but I can't plan a trip around that. How do you negotiate this kind of thing?

Very very common for a host to verify with another property your play. They will comp you accordingly on your past property, and comp up front (at least a room or suite/butler service/limo pick up, etc.) the rest they will review after your play. It is so common it is SOP at every property I am familiar with, say 20 of them at least.
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Quote: sc15

When did I say I never got discovered? Also, when you're winning tens of thousands in a weekend there's always going to be a risk of getting backed off.

It's not so much worrying about the cost of the room, since paying for it won't break me or make the trip not worthwhile, but this is a business, and one of the key elements of having a successful business is investing your money wisely, and giving myself exposure to a potential expense when I don't have to is stupid.

And I did get this taken care of. To anyone interested, if you open a 5 figure credit line with a place you never played at before, they'll be more than happy to extend you a comped room (or even a suite) up front. The host didn't even ask me any questions like how much I play per hand or whatever. Seeing the credit line was enough.

I guess you could use this as a strategy to get a comped room with no play as well if you're into that kind of thing. Open a big credit line, get a comped room and give them no play. Obviously you'll never get anything comped up front again from that place, but I doubt that would be a concern to someone doing this.

Just need a 5 figure deposit or line of credit for a free room.
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Just play a lot and you will get comped. There is one casino where I play $50k in one day and get comped for the rest of the year.
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If you come to Reno, your wagers will go a lot farther in terms of offers and comps. With everything closed as far as entertainment in Vegas, I think for anyone planning to come to Nevada should rethink visiting Reno as a temporary alternative. The GSR (Grand Sierra) will automatically match your club level with another local casino so you will automatically get VIP status. Since Caesar is now part of the El Dorado, any Harrahs card will work. My friend from Connecticut who only bets $20 a hand in BJ, always gets full comps to come and visit. The casino is pretty much on airport property, less than 5 minutes away on the their shuttle. Or if you decide to stay at the downtown casinos which are all part of the El Dorado, they are less than 10 minutes away.

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