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I know I've been posting in other threads. I'm the one who had a terrible experience recently there with the matching offer. OK, I will tell you guys. I had offers of 275 initially...my wife and I each had that. We used it for the tier upgrade. That was towards the end of the month, so therefore the only offers we had left were those that didn't expire. BTW, my wife gets more free plays than me. OK, this past week I had $800 and my wife had $1750. They talked to us like we were fking stupid. I was the one who wanted to try GNAC. My wife had no interest at all. As with any business sometimes it's the first offers, or sales, that get people in the door. We are both Black labels at Borgata and Diamond at Harrah's. Anyway, do you (Tom) think we got those offers from our casinos out of the blue. WE PUT ACTION THERE! Before playing at Borgata we were Diamond at Harrah's. How did we start playing at Borgata? We went there for A first time! That's what happens. Don't offer promotions you can't honor. I don't care about your safety blanket of "we have the right..blah blah blah". That is the lamest excuse. You would get more respect if you offered tier upgrade without matching offers. That is pretty much YOUR promos, correct? Don't give enough action...taking our cards...are you serious?!
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Just in case the poster with contacts in the corporate office doesn't come through, can Mr. Pohlman report on the status of the Gemaco card cases?

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