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I was looking to hear about any interesting table games promotions that anyone has seen or heard of at the casinos they play at. Even promotions that you think might be a good idea.
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February 25th, 2013 at 1:30:49 AM permalink
Hummm ... i hope you get some replies ... i really could use some hints and ideas myself ..
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i have a good game.. Triple down promotion, bj pay 2-1 and the dealer exposed their hole card and the game offers late surrender.

Common, stuff like this shouldn't be made public.....please no one respond to this thread about senestive promotions.. you know you have guys like jacobson trolling this site... if he finds up what casino offers this stuff he's just going to call the casino for no good reason... Get a phone and call casinos in the area you are going to, they will certainly tell you of their promotions. When you find something... keep to yourself and play it!
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