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Quote: SanchoPanza

Besides, whose events listing does not seem to be able to organize itself, two other good ones are acweekly and achotelexperts. The Convention and Visitors Authority can also be helpful.
If you're a real foodie, it might pay to go the week before. It is Atlantic City Restaurant Week, with pretty good special deals at set citywide prices and menus at practically all the interesting restaurants. Imagine Forgione, Garces or Flay at $33 for a three- or four-course dinner.

Yeah I saw that and am a little bummed I'm going to miss it. I work for a college so I get spring break off so my free week is set in stone.
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The Ranforest Cafe is probably the "fanciest" restaurant in AC in terms of money spent on atmosphere. The kid-themed decor is overwhelming. You dine with jungle animals watching you. The menu is imaginative but not expensive. It's worth at least one trip even if you don't have kids. The address is 2201 Boardwalk. I mention it because it doesn't come up in a usual restaurant search of AC. Except for the Borgata, the top restaurants are not considered to be in casinos. Decide if you want steak, American, Italian, seafood, Chinese, Japanese, or Mexican and do an Internet search before you come.

The only French restaurant in AC is Le Grand Fromage, however it features rock music and is noisy. There are no German restaurants.
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Quote: puzzlenut

The Ranforest Cafe is probably the "fanciest" restaurant in AC.

I hope you mean, fanciest not within a casino.

But even then, there are plenty of fancier places in AC.
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