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November 20th, 2012 at 4:49:43 PM permalink
I do the same...but I do it easier...i just call for "same two dice!"
I have so many superstitions its retarded...
But like BL says...Its only weird if it doesn't work...lol
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When the CW interrupts the shooter, bets off or hop the 7's! Stick change = same deal
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Quote: DeMango

When the CW interrupts the shooter, bets off or hop the 7's! Stick change = same deal

Do you do it EVERY time, or just when you get the feeling?

Have you ever tracked it to see if you are ahead or behind on this move?

And finally, if the CW AND the new stick show up at the same time, do they offset each other, so it is "play on"?
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superstition craziness --- Well, I tend to hold the deal hand of 3, or 4 to a RF on VP for a couple seconds. If someone sees it and comments on it before I play for the result I feel jinxed already. (possiblly because I've never had a good result after that happened) I NEED SILENCE! heh.
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I always buy-in and color-up after the point has been established.


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