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Businesses can do business in whatever language they want. As a practical matter of operating, advertising, etc., they can figure that out for themselves.

The government can publish all it wants (ballots, etc.) in whatever language it wants.

Where I start having a problem is in the mandating of using two languages, for example in low-income housing leases, etc. Private businesses can compete or not-compete for any demographic they want, outside of discriminating. For those who think not using a second language is tantamount to discrimination, I have a problem with that.

The only reason the question can exist is because politicians haven't had the balls picked an "official" language - English, Spanish, German, two of those, all of those, whatever. The only law should be that documents be printed in the "official" language(s). Immigrants don't have to learn the "official" language(s) if they don't want, but also shouldn't expect to be accommodated (except, of course, as businesses make that decision for themselves).

Pols on the right appear to want to do this in some form or fashion but haven't been able to. Pols on the left appear to need to keep the issue open to create "demand" for themselves, esp. in light of the 111th Congress, which was able to pass Obamacare but not able to pass a law designating Spanish as an "official" language.
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August 10th, 2014 at 9:10:33 AM permalink
Does it have to be educated English, or will a "Deliverance" type drawl suffice?
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August 20th, 2014 at 6:41:52 AM permalink
My rule of thumb usually is that you should be able to speak the first/native language of the country you are living in, especially if your job involves interaction with other people. If you are in a non-English speaking country and speak English this is a bonus.
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August 21st, 2014 at 9:19:19 AM permalink
This topic is very weird, America-wise.

Here in Belgium we have three official languages plus some non-official ones (walloon or flemish dialects, many Italians, Turks, North-Africans, Congolese). Everybody speaks the language they want.

Yet... we have the most absurd system of "linguistic laws" determining what language can or must be spoken in townhouses, or restaurant signs be redacted in. There are rosters of the number of civil servants or firemen allowed in each language. There are political alarm procedures whenever one community feels threatened.

Why is that? It is because the Flemish are aware of the weak status of their tongue in international circles, yet they don't want to recognize it. So they put up a fight against the "conquering" languages that are French and English (mostly). Typical reactionary move, just like those who hate immigrants: they are afraid of losing some context that they have been accustomed to.
The same exists in Quebec: they are the Flemish of the American continent.

Now mrjjj's stance is more akin to nationalist racists. What he hates is that 'immigrants' speak another language.
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