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Quote: JerryLogan

My original words, but never more well-spoken than RIGHT HERE/RIGHT NOW!

I am very glad you agree, realisation of your problem is the first step to getting help.
"Then you can admire the real gambler, who has neither eaten, slept, thought nor lived, he has so smarted under the scourge of his martingale, so suffered on the rack of his desire for a coup at trente-et-quarante" - Honore de Balzac, 1829
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Quote: JerryLogan

But, it's always nice to come to a highly probable conclusion based on hints and clues provided unwittingly by the subject, is it not? Isn't that how all you theory-driven people live? Besides, it's not me starting all these homo-oriented threads.

I could come to some highly probable conclusions as well, based on hints and clues you've provided. I just don't think that my conclusions are relevant to anything. I find it interesting that you think yours are.

I don't know what you mean by "theory driven"; I play pretty much the same way you do, even though I believe in the math. I don't play for the math, I play because I like to.

I started a homo-oriented thread. It was me.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

For that matter, why did Nareed include such a choice? Perhaps the answer to that question will indicate an answer to your question.

One reason for that choice ("I'm not sure") is that if you've been there you don't need an explanation. I've been there.

Another reason is that figuring yourself out can be hard.
Donald Trump is a fucking criminal
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Quote: Wavy70

Are you claiming he talks openly about being gay in his weather reports?
Keep in mind I live in CT and watch FSB. I have never heard him mention his sexuality once?

I'm gonna need a few examples.

Openly. No, I am not claiming that. It's all double entendres. He talks about being out where he doesn't mean outside. He mentions his partner Paul and always emphasizes the word partner. When referring to another male, he'll sometimes say things like "watch out Paul, he's a good looking guy." When Adam Lambert was in town, he made several inappropriate comments that didn't leave much to the imagination. He reads emails on the air from people bashing him for being gay. He's worse on the Better Connecticut tv show because he gets away with more. I don't have all the dates and times but I'll leave you with one. January 7th 2009 6:15am at the news desk. He was talking about a trip to NY that he had to make with the traffic girl. They got back late and the traffic girl said he could stay in her hotel room. His comment was "I don't swing that way."

My wife thinks he's great and like I said I just want to know if it's going to snow.
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Quote: benbakdoff

My wife thinks he's great

Straight women can be fascinated and make a millionaire out of Richard Simmons, for example, but in my experience really dislike it when they personally have to deal with a situation where a prerogative that women feel is reserved for women gets invoked by the wrong sex. Whining about a problem, for example. Notice the emphasis on personally . Just my 2 cents
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Quote: Mosca

My question is, why should we even consider it a dis? It's like calling someone a "ginger": an insult only in the mind of the one tossing it. Regardless of the target's sexuality, it isn't an insult. It would be like insulting someone for wearing New Balance instead of Nike; a non-sequitur.

Matt Bonner of the Spurs could be called a "ginger" although I wouldn't do it from closer than the tenth row. He does, however, change shoes:

"I've been wearing New Balance at home and Converse on the road".

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I must say that 5 (or maybe 4.5) out of 35 votes is a higher percentage than I expected.

Must be something in casino chips, or maybe in Vegas' air ;)

Seriously, I expected about a 4 or 5% GLBT vote, not nearly 15%
Donald Trump is a fucking criminal
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Quote: thecesspit

I think this proves your man-crush on every little thing he does.

Seriously, you have an obsession that's gone beyond odd well into the creepy weird.

Actually, I didn't vote. Buy Jerry clearly wishes I had.
The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality.---George Bernard Shaw
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What is the difference between Gay and Lesbian? Aren't they both homosexuals? Doesn't this mean that they are both Gay?
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Quote: Keyser

What is the difference between Gay and Lesbian? Aren't they both homosexuals? Doesn't this mean that they are both Gay?

30 years ago it seemed gay covered males and females, with "queer" being male-only and "lesbian" being female only. Lately it seems "gay" is more male-only. I attribute some of it to them wanting both names so when they add in bi and transgender they can make catchy slang/acronyms. I'm waiting for the next "acceptable" term to come along and "gay" will no longer be PC. Just like the evolution from negro-colored-black-african american.
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