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By "returning to the club" you continue to be a customer with the fees, for drinks, dances. This is the least volatile of the possible ploys. Obviously, it could be something more dangerous, I suppose.
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Quote: RogerKint

Tap that ass, son! Wrap it twice though.

add bengay between the 1st and 2nd layer.
make her screams believeable :o
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Some strip clubs are fronts for prostitution whereas some other strip clubs merely have lap dancers who are trying for some extra income.

Is she really attracted to you rather than your wallet? Probably not.
Regulars can be good sources of income since many of them are "hobbyists" anyway and will spend money on the girls.

Maybe you were there earlier. Maybe she did remember you. She will make more money if she is alert.

I know one dancer in a Gentleman's Club who spoke several languages, knew music and art thoroughly and was quite well educated. She soon tired of the atmosphere since she had nothing in common with the other girls and too many of the men thought that just because she danced and flirted that she was automatically available to prostitution requests.

Statistically.... chances are she is simply trying to expand her income a bit by getting a phone number from several safe-looking guys who will pay her for sex without having to dance first.
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A stripper is like that first piece of bread in the loaf. Everyone touches it, but no one wants to eat it.
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Can you ask your stripper friend if she throws a lot of Hardways on the Craps table?
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treat the stripper the same way you normally treat any other girl you would go out with.

If you play the asshole card, play it with her, if you are the nice guy, play it that way.

I don't think you have any more or less chance of catching something from her than any other slut in the world. Stripper does not equal STD.

I would also think this was not an offer for prostitution. It could very well be a girl looking for deep pockets, but the fact she is a stripper does not make that any more or less likely. If she is going to make a sex for money play she will need to be either very good at "innocent" teasing and go in for the kill when your "little head" is doing the thinking late in the evening, or she will let you know pretty early on in the process and let you make up your mind before you waste your time.

Always remember, strippers are people too.
Statistics don't lie, they deceive.
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I thought (std) stood for stripper transmitted disease.
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Quote: RogerKint

Fuck that. She's a stripper not the Queen of England. YOU GET IN THAT ASS, SON! Write "EWJONES was here" on the wall on your way out.

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Show up for the movie with one of the pocket linings in your khakis cut out.
It's a lot nicer getting blown in a movie theater without zipper rash...
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I suggest poking a hole in the bottom of your popcorn tub hold it on your lap and let her reach in for the last handful.

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