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Casino - I am biased in my opinion however I only do my gambling here when I go to Vegas. The casino itself is pretty large. There are tons of machines all over the place. They always seem to update the games frequently.

Dealers - I absolutely love the dealers here. They make going to gamble that much more enjoyable. Most of the supervisors are cool too, just gotta start talking to them, that is if you like to chat and play which I do.

Party Pit - While the ladies are nice to look at most of them are new dealers and not very competent at doing it. They keep thier own tips in this pit. While I have not seen an exposed card or anything earth shattering, the pitch is usually bad, and math skills are sometimes something to be desired. I have had more supervisor intervention in this pit then anywhere I have played before. I had a girl hit a hard 17 the last trip out, the supervisor loved that lol.

Time Share People - I absolutely despise these people. While I have no problems with people working, these guys really bug the heck out of me. I have infact wrote 2 letters of complaint to the casino, but they must make good money with them. I know I am not the only one to have complained. My wife and I usually avoid this area of the Casino because of them. They are quite skilled hiding out at the "Information" booth. A tip for anyone going, if you are walking with your sigificant other they WILL stop you or try to bug you, just seperate yourselves for a few seconds and they will not bother you at all. We are usually all over the casino all day long, I have stopped and said look at me, remember my face and do not ask me again please. They still do.

Table Games (From Memory)

Blackjack (Double Deck) - 3:2 $25 minimum, Hit soft 17, double any 2, split aces once. Usually 1-3 tables and one is usually a $50 min table.

Blackjack (8 Decks I believe) I dont play often but same rules as above. BE CAREFUL ON TABLE SELECTION some only pay 6:5, The 6:5 table seem to be located in the Party Pit in the far back of the casino. I have also seen them located elswhere, just check the felt before you play.

21 - (Single Deck) - 6:5 $5 minimum, Hit Soft 17, Double any 2, Split aces once. Tons of these tables available. Yes I admit I do play this game when I want a rest from the $25 tables.

Three Card Poker - $5 Minimum, Pair Plus Bonus (REALLY wish they would add the 6 card bonus.)

Let it Ride - $5 minimum, Three card bonus, $1 Bonus bet.

Ultimate Texas Hold'Em - $10 Minimum I believe.

Pai Gow Poker - I do not play this and do not know the specifics.

Roulette - $5 and $10 minimums - I believe the wheels are double zero.

Casino War - $5 minimum - One table located in the Party Pit - where all the scantily clad ladies are dealing.

Craps - $5-10 Minimums - I don't play often but standard rules apply. I think they offer 10x odds.

Crapless Craps - $10 Minumum - Standard Crapless rules, 10x odds I believe. I have only ever had one good run on thie game, yes I know its a worse bet than the regular game, but I like the point being any number.

Big 6 Wheel (also one located in party Pit) - They have this crappy game, this thing really drive me crazy. Plenty of people play it though. The dealers hoots and hollers, even sings in the microphone.

I tried to be objective in my review and I am sure I am forgetting things. Feel free to add your own!
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Quote: nvmikey

Dealers - I absolutely love the dealers here. They make going to gamble that much more enjoyable. Most of the supervisors are cool too, just gotta start talking to them, that is if you like to chat and play which I do.

There were reports of very angry employees after the big layoffs two years ago.

The primary market for the Stratosphere is the middle-market, value conscious Las Vegas visitor.

Financially the Stratosphere has almost fallen off the map. The year 2010 revenue was $147.4 m, down from well over $200 million when Goldman Sachs bought the property for an astronomical sum in 2008. Slot machines making $86.08 /day, tables making a low $686 /day and average daily room rate of $42.86 with 85% occupancy rate.

The Stratosphere, and the other 3 casinos that came with the company were some of the ridiculously high real estate purchases that Goldman Sachs made the necessitated the government bail out.

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