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This is Part 2 in a three part series.

Part 1: General Atmosphere
Part 2: Gaming
Part 3: Amenities

See Part 1 for particulars. Otherwise...


The casino floor is rectangular in shape with approximately 28,000 square feet of gaming space. The live table games pit is literally a pit (two stair steps down) surrounded by railings. It forms a central rectangle and is surrounded on all sides by slot machine space. There is also a small sports book and a small poker room.

STOCKING THE TABLE GAMES: Your live pit can fit eight blackjack size tables, four on each long side of the rectangle. The previous owners already purchased anchor games for the ends. One side has a 14' aircraft carrier craps table and the other side has a 15' double-sided roulette table. What eight games will you add? [NOTE: You may remove the craps table and/or roulette table to place an additional two (or four) blackjack size tables at each anchor.]

ANCHOR 1a) Half of the craps table ANCHOR 1b) The other half of the craps table
TABLE 2)__________ TABLE 3)__________
TABLE 4)__________ TABLE 5)__________
TABLE 6)__________ TABLE 7)__________
TABLE 8)__________ TABLE 9)__________
Anchor 10a) Half of the roulette table Anchor10b) The other half of the roulette table

11) If you placed games adjacent to each other for a specific reason explain why.
12) What will be your table min/max bets?
13) What odds on bets and pay tables will you offer? Full pay? Average? Sucker?
14) Will you occasionally debut new games for trial runs? (If so which game will be replaced?)
15) Will it be a party pit?

SLOTS: There is room for 500 slot machines in the casino.

16) How many will be slots? Video Poker? Video Keno? Multi-game machines?
17) Will they be mixed together or clustered into groups?
18) How many will be low denomination? Medium? High?
19) Will they be brand new games? Vintage? Both?

20) Slots will be... Loose (HE less than 5% and you'll boast about it in your advertising)? Average(HE less than 10%)? Total idiot sucker bets (HE greater than 10% and the Wizard with his damn calculator is banned from the casino)?
21) Video Poker machine pay-tables will be full pay (9/6 JoB)? Tolerable (8/6 JoB)? Weak (8/5 JoB)? Sucker (7/5 JoB)?
21) Video Keno returns will be roughly... 95%? 90%? 85%?

POKER ROOM/SPORTS BOOK DILEMMA: Two small side-by-side rooms serve as the poker room (space for three tables) and the sports book. You have the option to tear down the common wall and make a decent size sports book (eliminating poker), or you can double the size (six tables) of your poker room and eliminate sports (replacing with a kiosk).

22) What three (or six) poker (including Pai Gow) games will you offer?
23) What poker tournaments will you offer?
24) Any special deals for sports gamblers?

OTHER: There is room to squeeze in a very small live Keno area and a Big Six wheel.
25) Will you offer live Keno?
26) The house edge for live Keno will be... Less than 20%? 20% to 35%? 35% to 50%?
27) Will you place a Big Six wheel (or similar game) near your entrance?

[Part Three Coming Soon]
Have you tried 22 tonight? I said 22.
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