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The bosses need to take a walk along Fremont St, see who is busy and figure out why. Fremont St is as busy as I have ever seen it,even the tiny Mermaids casino usually has more players than DG.Having said that people don't even cross over to the Plaza so that is always going to be a problem especially in the heat of summer.
I picked up my new card there today.Music was on full blast like the D.Unfortunately, that is something the D are getting wrong IMO so don't copy that.They unlocked the door opposite the parking garage which is a plus and reinstalled the Zuma machine.
I cannot help but compare what is happening here and SLS. They are twins in a casino hospice.
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They could buy the following signs very cheap

Desert Inn
Lady Luck

Coming soon.... Caeser's Palace
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One problem with DTG . Whenever I mention Downtown Grand, the response is... "Downtown WHAT, What is that, where is it?

The gaming floor is kind of boring IMO..
do like the place, Rooms are nice, parking is easy, but they have nothing special to get people in the door.

Unlike most guys I know, I waited to play at DTG. I couldn't believe how stingy they were. Just after the FP matching offer they were doing. I told one of my active 7 star ploppy friends(he had really big FP offers) to go there and see what they would do for him. I though for sure they would be all over him like brown on rice. I was embarrassed to find out they wouldn't even give him a free room without assessing his play first(BIG MISTAKE).

Eventually they started doing better. I know some hosts there will now comp generously. You just have to ask.

Finally when I did go play at DTG, I didn't give them very much action. To my surprise, after talking with a host, I was offered 5 days on a holiday weekend, 2 for the steak house( the hosts will comp you to the Triple George steakhouse across the street, the food is fairly good), 2 for lunch, tickets to some comedian. The host said, "let me know if you need anything." Because of that, I tend steer people there over other DT properties.

One problem I keep seeing with new casinos, they take to long before they run promotions and market players.

Eventually DTG ran someone generous promotions, but it was probably to late.

They need to offer something for casino employees and business for the people downtown.

They have a bar in the back without any gaming, I think that's a mistake.
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Four easy steps toward improvement:

1 - Stop nickel and diming. IE: easy parking validation, better gaming rules/paytables, and open the tables earlier.

2 - Comps. Need I say more?

3 - Unlock the door to the Mob Bar. The one that faces the Mob Museum. Seriously. Many people exit the museum, walk to the bar, find the door locked, and move on without bothering to find a way in.

4 - Join the Fremont Casino Association (or whatever the group is that pays for FSE), then hang a sign from the canopy on Third St that says "cool casino one block ahead".
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Quote: stephen.hall

The bosses need to take a walk along Fremont St, see who is busy and figure out why.

"Why" is easy - people realize that the casinos are there. You can't even see the DTG from Fremont Street.

Here's how to solve the problem: get the city to "extend" the Fremont Street Experience down Third Street to where the Mob Museum is, then do something with the area between Fremont and Ogden. (The problem is, I think the northern half is used by parking garages on both sides, so there isn't much you can do about that.) Maybe buy out the souvenir store on Fremont & Third, the Beef Jerky Store, and whatever is next to it (a pawn shop of some sort?), and turn it into something along the lines of the Fremont that makes more of that block visitor friendly. Once they can see the casino (and Pizza Rock), they might be more interested.

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