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Quote: sabre

Or if Vital Vegas confirms it. Then you know it isn't true.

Did you miss the first words of the first post??

Quote: smoothgrh

Vital Vegas reports ...

Personally, I say good riddance.

Every time I rode the inclinators, I felt nauseous.
Superstitions are silly, childish, irrational rituals, born out of fear of the unknown. But how much does it cost to knock on wood? 😁
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the trick seems to be to have the least valuable Vegas Visitors pay for the glitz and glamour and touristy things.

Its just that now, no one agrees on what groups are truly valuable to casino owners. Gamblers?Gourmands?Guzzlers?

Circus, Circus attracted brats to the city but made a profit on those acts, the parents and even the darned buffet.
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The Luxor has had a history of structural problems that havenít gone away. Probably also unfixable as it involves underground geology. The best they can do is ďmaintenanceĒ the problem. How...I do not know.

It is still one the best looking monoliths ever built, IMO. Clean, simple and makes a bold statement. On the west side, on a sunny day....catch it right with the sun and the west wall glows like an inferno. Cool. They ruined the view with the additional towers years ago.

MGM under Murren hated ďthemeĒ resorts. DC, Springfield, City Center, Park MGM are all distinctively non themed. Now that Murren is gone...I assume there is a chance they go back to theming.

I would hate to see the Luxor go.
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Now Iím thinking I should take my kids there just so they can tell their kids about it one day.

(When thereís no pandemic, of course)

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