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February 5th, 2012 at 11:39:37 PM permalink
I could use some help deciphering the ownership/mangement situation here.

I am trying to figure out who would be the corporate and management contacts for this property. I stayed there recently and would like to write to the big boys about my experience with a very helpful employee.

It's one thing if I had been staying at Planet Hollywood, but I was at the Westgate Towers.

I think this means I need to contact Westgate Resorts? My assumption is that they manage the property, while it is actually owned by CET, which grants them the use of the PH signage?

Based on some information left in my room, the property will soon be changing ownership to Hilton Grand Vacations. But that's another thread.
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February 6th, 2012 at 2:55:08 AM permalink
I think these were originally slated to be CondoHotels. Investors buy the unit in the condominium and that unit is then placed "in the hopper" for room rentals but only the prime rooms ever actually get rented out since desk clerks get bonuses for renting upper floor units only. Ofcourse these oft laid plans ganged agley quite some time ago when money became more expensive and wealthy Vegas visitors stayed home to deal with their own financial problems.

Now you have layers and layers of corporate interests with PH and the original investors probably somewhat near the bottom of the list.

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